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These new consignment Items are only available from the UK shops. These are new instruments we are selling on behalf of the maker or the importer. Please contact the shops if you want to know more.. Always call before travelling a long way to see an instrument, particularly during July and August, when items may be taken from the shops to show at festivals.

SORBN12854Mouth blown Polypenco Smallpipes in Key of A made in Scotland. maroon bag. London£200.00
SORBN22251Concertina connections Elise Hayden duet with gig bagLondon£275.00
SORCT18807Travel didgeridoo in the key of C major. 3D printed available in bright coloursLondon£29.90
SORCT20785Pink Travel Didgeridoo, key of C majorLondon£29.99
SORLO013017Tuneable Yellow Fabric Didgeridoo with bagLondon£335.00
SORLO04495Hathway Saz Quarter Tone Fret. s. Long ScaleLondon£675.00
SORLO04722Travel Didgeridoo. . London£90.00
SORLO04845Travel-Didge, sax-mango wood. . London£60.00
SORLO05198Didge by A. Furlan 'E' 180cm . f. ibreglass, cloth-wrappedLondon£300.00
SORLO05211Didge by A. Furlan in 'C' - 63'', with bagLondon£300.00
SORLO05265Native American Flute in C at. . 444 tuning mahoganyLondon£160.00
SORLO05266Native American Flute in E at. . about 444 tuning. Made from alderLondon£180.00
SORLO05304Tibetan bowl in B with leathe. r. stickLondon£150.00
SORLO13089Hathway Octave saz. Like Greek baglama. Solid spruce top. London£545.00
SORLO13107Fylde Custom Goodfellow. Spruce top. Rosewood 3 piece back, and sides. London£2550.00
SORLO131495inches thick rimmed singing bowl. London£60.00
SORLO13215Didgeridoo. Tuneable. Handmade fibreglass. Low G, 102inches fully extended. Floral. London£300.00
SORLO13230Hathway 12 string MandolinLondon£620.00
SORLO13293Windsor 'PYXE' lump scroll mandolin. 1914. Worn but playable. London£675.00
SORLO13312Singing bowl. 7 1/2inches ELondon£210.00
SORLO13314Singing bowl. Heavy chama bowl 7inchesLondon£350.00
SORLO13334Boosey & Hawkes plastic Bb Clarinet with Buffet case and reedsLondon£150.00
SORLO13426Superslider two-part tuneable didge. Carbon fibre. With travel bag. London£180.00
SORLO13428Traveldoo didgerido, packs into 55cm bag! Tuneable 4-part. With bag. Red. London£210.00
SORLO14728French 4/4 violin JTL Strad Copy 1920's, Excellent condition ans tone. Well flamed back, red varnish. London£1395.00
SORLO15795Hathway Parlour guitar. Small body. Spruce top. London£995.00
SORLO1635848 bass piano accordion. 2 voice. Red pearloid. Unnamed but German. With case. London£450.00
SORLO16644Sorrento 72b piano accordion 3vc. 1960's German made. Red. London£450.00
SORLO173382010 Animal handmade drum kit - shells only in silver sparkle. 12inches, 16inches and 22inches London£300.00
SORLO17737Wheatstone English concertina. 48 key treble 1910. Me, mb, 6f, c/pLondon£2700.00
SORLO17953Traveldoo pro. Travel didgeridoo packs into 55cm bag. 3kg. extens to 3m. London£300.00
SORLO18461Shamanic drum. 25cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£127.50
SORLO18864Native American style drone flute in Em. A=432London£300.00
SORLO18872Kantele. Finnish made, by Lovikka. Five string. With case. As new. London£180.00
SORLO19151Shamanic drum 40cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£180.00
SORLO19366Shamanic drum 30cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£150.00
SORLO19368Shamanic drum 30cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£150.00
SORLO19531Deering Maple Blossom (1986) with pick-up. With case. Great sound. London£1650.00
SORLO19539Hathway 12 string octave mandola red cedar top. Handmade, all solid timber. London£795.00
SORLO19818Hathway mandocello spruce top. Handmade in LondonLondon£895.00
SORLO19820Hathway mandocello (bouzouki tuning) spruce top. Handmade in London. London£895.00
SORLO20466Dallas Mandocello. 1927. 700mm scale length. With case. Rough but lovely!London£1200.00
SORLO20762Baroque-style rosewood Irish flute in D - single keyLondon£250.00
SORLO20831Shamanic drum bag. Small 13inchesx4inches with pocket. New. Black. London£45.00
SORLO20835Shamanic drum. Goat hide 40cm. Handmade in Poland. London£195.00
SORLO20978Shamanic drum. Goat hide 40cm. Handmade in Poland. London£195.00
SORLO21033Shamanic drum. Goat hide 30cm. Handmade in Poland. London£165.00
SORLO21059Jon Pinsky handmade classical guitar, cedar top, rosewood back and sidesLondon£1200.00
SORLO21130Hathway bouzouki, spruce topLondon£795.00
SORLO21220Hathway mandolin, large body, cedar topLondon£630.00
SORLO21222Hathway mandolin, large body, spruce topLondon£630.00
SORLO21273Lachenal 48 treble English concertina. 7F MB WE CP SR Warm tone. With case. London£2000.00
SORLO21448Djembe, 12inches head. Handmade in Senegal. With bag. London£225.00
SORLO21569Singing bowl. Heavy. 7inches dia. E. No stick. London£300.00
SORLO21619Singing bowl. 7 1/4inches. C/FLondon£180.00
SORLO21621Singing bowl. 7 1/4inches. E/A#London£180.00
SORLO21702Ciblon double ended drum from Java. With wooden stand. London£250.00
SORLO21792Aria SB-75 5 string banjo with resonator made in Japan, late 70sLondon£450.00
SORLO21839Hathway tenor mandola. Spruce topLondon£655.00
SORLO21920Hathway Nordic mandola. 5 Course. Spruce top. Awsome!London£1200.00
SORLO21932Jewsaphone. 3D printed food grade plastic Jews harp amplifierLondon£55.00
SORLO22178Hathway tenor guitar. Mahogany top. New, handmade in London. London£895.00
SORLO22179Hathway octave guitar, mandolin body. Cedar top. New, handmade in London. London£620.00
SORLO22180Hathway 5 course mandolin. Cedar top. New, handmade in London. London£675.00
SORLO22184Levin dreadnought acoustic guitar. 1963London£450.00
SORLO22188Weltmeister 72bass C System 5 row continental chromatic accordion. Black. As newLondon£1350.00
SORLO22192Shepherd's flute in B, Hand carved in Slovakia, 4 holeLondon£110.00
SORLO22195Melody Uke, uke banjo. Fully restored. Big sound. No case. London£450.00
SORLO22259Sarangi. North Indian. Quality instrument with fibreglass case. As new. London£499.00
SORLO22417Wu Han wind gong 28inchesLondon£240.00
SORLO22419Morin-khuur Mongolian horse head fiddle. 42inches With bow. Not Chinese version. London£450.00
SORLO22425Ukulele banjo. Unnamed 1930's 10inches vellum head. Loud and bright sound. No case. London£395.00
SORLO22496Hathway handmade mandolin with p/u, large body, spruce topLondon£790.00
SORLO22699Scarlatti 72 Bass Accordion as new with caseLondon£400.00
SORLO22706Khomus in D. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO22708Hohner 1-row melodeon in G. 1960's. No case. London£225.00
SORLO22865Gitane D-500. 'D' soundhole gypsy jazz guitar. With case. London£750.00
SORLO22937Hathway short scale bouzouki on tenor guitar body. Cedar top. Handmade. London£915.00
SORLO22939Ukrainian dombra. Four string round back G, D, A, E. No bag. London£225.00
SORLO22941Hathway octave mandola. Spruce top. Handmade. London£750.00
SORLO22943Hathway mandolin with fancy scratchplate and binding. Spruce top. Handmade. London£795.00
SORLO22945Hathway mandolin. Spruce top. Handmade. London£595.00
SORLO22947Hathway mandolin + P/U. Large body. Spruce top. Handmade. London£790.00
SORLO23225Hardie bagpipes, 1960's fully restored. Delrin mounts. Bannatyne med. zipper bagLondon£900.00
SORLO23226Lawrie highland bagpipes. Delrin & nickel mounts. Fully restored. Bannatyne bag. London£975.00
SORLO23300Henderson 1960's blackwood highland bagpipes. Catlin mounts. Fully restored. London£900.00
SORLO23302Butone tongue drum. F# pentatonic. 13 note. A few small marks. Reduced. London£415.00
SORLO23304C. Jeffries 26 key anglo concertina. Refurb by Crabb. 6/F C/P M/E B/B. Cased. London£4999.00
SORLO23307Native American style flute in G. Living branch. London£130.00
SORLO23367Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Peacock design. London£40.00
SORLO23368Morsing. Rajathan made. Brass. Crescent moon design. London£40.00
SORLO23369Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Afgani style. London£40.00
SORLO23372Howson one-string phono fiddle. 7inches Dia. brass bell. Early 20th century. London£275.00
SORLO23428Heartwood long neck 5-string banjo. Open back, tone ring. No bag. London£315.00
SORLO23438Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Ox skin, metal balls, amber beads. London£45.00
SORLO23439Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls. Quartz crystal. London£45.00
SORLO23440Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls, Selenite stone. London£45.00
SORLO23441Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls, wooden beads. London£45.00
SORLO23442Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls, amethyst stone. London£45.00
SORLO23444Shamanic drum bag. Large. 18inches X 4inches. Olive green and black. London£67.50
SORLO23445Shamanic drum bag. Large. 18inches X 4inches. Black. London£67.50
SORLO23446Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23447Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23448Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23449Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23483Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£210.00
SORLO23484Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£210.00
SORLO23485Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£165.00
SORLO23486Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£165.00
SORLO23536Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£180.00
SORLO23537Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£180.00
SORLO23788Baile 48 Bass, 34 keys, 5 Couplers, Great tone, nice action. With case London£395.00
SORLO23926Maranzano style large jaw harp in 'C'. Made in the Ukraine. London£60.00
SORLO23927Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Crescent moon design. London£40.00
SORLO23928Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. London£40.00
SORLO23931Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Peacock design. London£40.00
SORLO23932Khomus in D#. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO23995Khomus in F#. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO24035Er Hu, professional quality. Black sandlewood, python skin. 8 years old. Cased. London£450.00
SORLO24056Takamine Electro Acoustic Guitar EG260C-BL - with hard caseLondon£190.00
SORLO24070Buffalo horn trumpet. Plain, polished. 14inches. London£45.00
SORLO24071Buffalo horn trumpet. Plain, polished. 14inches. London£45.00
SORLO24073LP 'Percusso' tambourine with wood block effect. London£30.00
SORLO24166Dolmetsch soprano 3120 recorder. Pear wood. London£30.00
SORLO24195Suono. Chinese folk shawm. London£30.00
SORLO24196Ocean drum. Octagonal. Small. Painted. London£30.00
SORLO24287Panpipes. 21 note, curved. Romanian made. London£30.00
SORLO24288Zuni shaker/ceremonial rattle. New Mexico. London£20.00
SORLO24342Triple wood blocksLondon£25.00
SORLO24343Cow bell, 8inches for kit mounting. London£12.00
SORLO24359African 'washboard' shaker, with jingles. London£15.00
SORLO24414Gong. Chinese. Small with stand. London£30.00
SORLO24416Bones, pair. Cow bone. London£15.00
SORLO24417Bones, pair. Cow bone. London£15.00
SORLO24446Bones, pair. Cow bone. London£15.00
SORLO24448Gibson 'A' style C. 1916. Modern repro. hardware. No case. London£1295.00
SORLO24449German 'Portugese' style mandolin. 1930-40s. Deep body. No case. London£295.00
SORLO24450German mandolin 1930-40s internal soundboard. Unusual. With case. London£395.00
SORLO24453Washburn Acoustic guitar. Spruce top. Mahogany back and sidesLondon£125.00
SORLS19630Bridge Aquila Violin outfit as newLondon£695.00
SORLS23817Hubert Kwisthout Half set Uilleann pipesLondon£1500.00