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These new consignment Items are only available from the UK shops. These are new instruments we are selling on behalf of the maker or the importer. Please contact the shops if you want to know more.. Always call before travelling a long way to see an instrument, particularly during July and August, when items may be taken from the shops to show at festivals.

SORBN19891Pearl PF-661 flute silver head good condition with caseBristol£595.00
SORBS02123A- Style Mandolin by John C Barnes, Master Craftsman- F holes, handcarved, quilted maple, Koa BindingBristol£1499.00
SORBS02372Double Cutaway Carved Top Mandolin, cherry sunburst, Schaller tuners, built by John BarnesBristol£1300.00
SORBS02745Phil Davidson 5 String Banjo. . Brazilian mahogany resonator, slim neck, smooth actionBristol£2695.00
SORBS11312Hohner Electravox Deluxe Piano Synth Accordion Bristol£400.00
SORBS11452Crucianelli 120Bass, 42key, 3voice, cleverly converted from midi to acoustic. Bristol£650.00
SORBS11498Alto recorder with case, good conditionBristol£15.00
SORBS18430Billy Neath new handmade flamenco spanish guitar, german spruce top, cyprus b/s. Bristol£1600.00
SORBS184511/4 size cello, East German. Bristol£150.00
SORBS18515Therapy Sticks, nylon rod design practice sticks designed to reduce wrist strainBristol£12.00
SORBS18521Therapy Sticks, nylon rod design practice sticks designed to reduce wrist strainBristol£12.00
SORBS19426German made Stradavarius copy, briliant tone, especially in the low endBristol£1000.00
SORBS19973Icon Controls pro automated midi audio controller. Bristol£120.00
SORBS20732Seagull Merlin diatonic strumstick-type instrument, as new with bagBristol£120.00
SORBS20747Flamenco Guitar by Billy Neath, German spruce top, cypress b&s, ebony fbBristol£1800.00
SORBS20883meinl floatune 10inches conga, natural finish, great toneBristol£179.00
SORBS21217Crabb 30k Anglo Concertina, ME, MB, CP, SR, 6F. Very good condition. Bristol£2990.00
SORBS21614Blueridge BG60, slope shouldered dreadnought, excellent conditionBristol£495.00
SORBS21675Epiphone Min-ETune, cutaway electro, excellent condition, sunburstBristol£239.00
SORBS21693Kirin, African tone block/tone drum, hand made in GuineaBristol£75.00
SORBS21763Ruhn hand made 4/4 violin, lovely bass response and full soundBristol£750.00
SORBS21825Blackstar HT-1RH 1W valve amp head, great bedroom/practice amp, hardly usedBristol£120.00
SORBS22346Cramona Green violin, excellent condition, slight rip in caseBristol£89.00
SORBS22789Primavera 3/4 violin outfit, dominant strings, good sound. Bristol£99.00
SORBS22838Hohner Gaelic IVS, B/C/C#, 96 Bass, 4Vce, Black, Good ConditionBristol£499.00
SORBS229244/4 fiddle by Bill SMith, built 2014, amazing soundBristol£1600.00
SORBS23099Sabian 20inches Medium Ride CymbalBristol£80.00
SORBS23109Jimmy Moon Octave Mandolin OM model Excellent condition fine deep toneBristol£799.00
SORBS23280Good condition Elkhart Alto SaxBristol£299.00
SORBS23291AA Meinl 8inches djembe, fo hyroglyph print, nice toneBristol£69.00
SORBS23790Countryman DBJ-75 PRO 5-string banjo with flame maple resonator, VGCBristol£525.00
SORBS23792Samick Masterpiece 5-string banjo, resonator, carved heel, VGCBristol£525.00
SORBS23815Tycoon Darbuka, Beathen aluminium, good conditionBristol£40.00
SORBS23839Antonio Pinto de Carvalho, cavaquinho, excellent condition. Bristol£99.00
SORBS23979Serenellini 374 Musette, 96 Bass, 4 vce, Black, highly decorated, good cond. Bristol£3200.00
SORBS24079Beautiful LEFT HANDED EKO Laredo guitar, almost new. Bristol£100.00
SORBS24337Ashbury Resonator guitar, woden body, spider coneBristol£299.00
SORBS24361Tychoon precussion Rumwong, as new conditionBristol£50.00
SORBS24392Tychoon precussion copper shelled Darabuka, great soundBristol£69.00
SORBS24681Luna Guitar, model GYP QA TBL, blue quilted top. Fair condition. Bristol£129.00
SORBS24765Brook Guitars handmade parlour guitar, cherry & spruce, abalone binding, hscBristol£2000.00
SORBS24863Stagg mandolin, Starter mandolin in dark sunburstBristol£49.00
SORBS24908Glenluce 31 string harp, fully levered (2 snapped), repaired cracks, walnut, fair conditionBristol£499.00
SORBS25070Maccaferri style D Hole Grande Bouche, by Peter Davies, rosewood/spruceBristol£1500.00
SORBS25072Sean Clarke OM Model acoustic guitar, Handmade in Bristol, Spruce top cherry B&SBristol£1199.00
SORBS25225Native american style flute in G, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£120.00
SORBS25237Native american style flute in E, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£140.00
SORBS25238Native american style flute in C, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£180.00
SORBS25239Native american style drone flute in D, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£250.00
SORBS25422Windsor Mandolin banjo, Zither style, Great sound good conditionBristol£275.00
SORBS25423Hohner Club IIIm C/F fair conditionBristol£349.00
SORBS25443Manson Hand made Lute guitar, lovely tone 1970sBristol£750.00
SORBS25444Lyon and healy classical banjo, fretless vintageBristol£175.00
SORBS25445Arthur Tilley classical banjo, vintage Bristol£195.00
SORBS25454German concert zither, vintageBristol£30.00
SORBS25532Suzuki Pro-37 melodica, fantastic sounding good conditionBristol£129.00
SORBS25569Samick Artist series tenor banjo, 19 fret, reonator back, great tone Bristol£319.00
SORBS25604Rossini 48 bass accordion, 2voice, very good conditionBristol£349.00
SORBS25611schecter diamond series C-1 30th aniversary special edition, beautiful inlayBristol£599.00
SORBS25638Russian made balalaika, c. 80sBristol£49.00
SORBS25755Corelli 120b, 4vce, 7 treble couplers, white pearl, musette. Good cond. Bristol£750.00
SORBS25770Ovation Celebrity CC57 Bowlback electro-acoustic guitar, sunburst, good cond. Bristol£199.00
SORBS25816Ibanez 12 String, Made in Japan, cherry sunburst, good action. Bristol£279.00
SORBS25817Howard low C whistle, black finish, good condition. Bristol£99.00
SORBS25818Howard low D whistle, chrome finish, good conditionBristol£99.00
SORBS25822Lagg left handed acoustic dreadnaught guitar, good conditionBristol£120.00
SORBS25824lagg left hand acoustic dreadnaught in good conditionBristol£120.00
SORBS25928Gremlin 48 key english concertina, very good condition, WE MB CP 6FBBristol£599.00
SORBS26039Yamaha Compass Series CPX700 DSR, electrro acoustic guitarBristol£225.00
SORBS26075Atelier Maucotel & Deschamp, circa 1953, French, beautiful sounding violin with Sarasete bowBristol£1750.00
SORBS26309JN Guitars Electro Acoustic Left Handed Guitar, solid spruce top VGCBristol£180.00
SORBS26310Tanglewood TW12 Left Handed 12 String Guitar, big sound, VGCBristol£130.00
SORBS26358Royal Standard 72 bass Piano Accordion, 3vc, red, VGCBristol£500.00
SORBS26359Hohner single row melodeon in C, good condition, made in GermanyBristol£300.00
SORBS26430Vega Little Wonder Banjo Mandolin, banjolin, ca. 1920, replica machines, good condBristol£475.00
SORBS26432Excellent starter flute, second hand, keys working well, one small ding. Bristol£150.00
SORBS26472Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26473Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristolPOA
SORBS26515Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26516Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26517Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing Blue short lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26677Ibanez SR306EB 6 string bass guitar, black finishBristol£249.00
SORBS26712Contasina Meridian, 60 bass light weight accordion3 voice, 5 treble couplersBristol£399.00
SORBS26775Sakis Baglama, as GX36010, very good condition, authentic Rembetiko sound!Bristol£239.00
SORBS26793Barnes Mullins banjo ukulele, walnut resonator, rim and neck, excellent cond. Bristol£229.00
SORBS26866Gewa Instrumenti Liuteria Maestro VI A Violin, 1pce flamed back, Maggini inlays. Bristol£1199.00
SORBS26904Burini 48b, 12x4 layout, accordion, SOLD AS SEEN, some slight tuning issues. Bristol£250.00
SORBS26927Hand-made maple back and sides, gorgeous warm soundBristol£2200.00
SORBS26941Hand-made, spruce top, Indian rosewood and sidesBristol£2400.00
SORBS26942Hand-made, monkeypod back and sides, cedar top, rich and resonant soundBristol£2300.00
SORBS26944Countryman 6 string banjo guitar, fair conditionBristol£150.00
SORBS26949Banjo uke circa 1940s, 10. 5inches head. Good cond. Bristol£150.00
SORBS27032John Hullah hand made Parlour guitar, Brasillian rosewood b/s Spruce topBristol£1800.00
SORBS27074Sutherland 30 key Anglo concertina, good student instrumentBristol£150.00
SORBS27098Galotta Single Row in C. Red pearl. 10 treble keys. 4 Bass. Bristol£225.00
SORBS27099Rossini 12bass, 25k, vgc, red pearl. Bristol£250.00
SORBS27182Warm sounding violin, repaired, excellent tone, sold as seen. Bristol£200.00
SORBS27229Stainer copy violin, lovely 2 piece back, great tone, some aesthetic damage, Wittner tunersBristol£375.00
SORBS27241Barnes & Mullins Tenor Banjo, 19fret, alloy pot, with resonator. VGCBristol£225.00
SORBS27249Mayflower 3/4 cello, fully playable but with some flaws. SOLD AS SEENBristol£150.00
SORBS27301Maestro D/G Melodeon, made in Italy, 3vce, 3 treble, 1bass stops. Punchy!Bristol£600.00
SORBS273493/4 Size German Violin, ca. 1880, 2pce back, ebony fingerboard. Bristol£150.00
SORBS27557Harmona D/G Melodeon, German made, fair condition, nice wooden box. Bristol£575.00
SORLO18531Shamanic drum. 30 cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. With beater. Bristol£150.00
SORLO18535Shamanic drum. 30 cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. With beater. Bristol£150.00
SORLS21385Lachenal 48 key English concertina, WE BB BR 4F CPBristol£600.00