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These new consignment Items are only available from the UK shops. These are new instruments we are selling on behalf of the maker or the importer. Please contact the shops if you want to know more.. Always call before travelling a long way to see an instrument, particularly during July and August, when items may be taken from the shops to show at festivals.

SORBI10324German Viola Bow mid 20th centuryBirmingham£395.00
SORBI12730French violin, copie de J B Vuillaume, circa 1920, amber shaded varnish, well flamed, new setup, excellent ton£950.00
SORBI12874Violin: Geronimo Grandini Paris good flamed slab back, repaired cracks bass side£600.00
SORBI15070Linton plastic Bassoon, simplified system with gig bagBirmingham£750.00
SORBI19234Jupiter JCL 637 Clarinet & hard caseBirmingham£200.00
SORBI19330Weymann model 30 Mandolute, in nice condition, made in USA in 1914 with caseBirmingham£399.00
SORBI19388German 7/8 Vioin, 1920's labelled El Tesoro, 2 piece back, nicely flamedBirmingham£450.00
SORBI19495Klangauge Tuneable Slitdrum with gig bagBirmingham£399.00
SORBI20865Lachenal New Model 48 key English Concertina, EE, CP, 6F, SR, MB in nice condition with hard caseBirmingham£2000.00
SORBI22548Butone Short Handle Tongue Drum BeatersBirmingham£15.99
SORBI22552Butone Long Handle Tongue Drum BeatersBirmingham£19.99
SORBI22615Old German Klingenthal 4/4 Violin Circa 1880, red shaded varnish, 2 piece back, new setup, excellent conditionBirmingham£750.00
SORBI23338German 4/4 Violin labelled Sivori Orchestra 1901, 2 piece back, brown varnishBirmingham£1800.00
SORBI23340German 4/4 Violin Bow by Walter Mettal, silver mounted, hex stick, pernambucoBirmingham£1200.00
SORBI23342German 4/4 Violin Bow, silver mounted, hex stick, stamped Tourte, pernambucoBirmingham£900.00
SORBI23721German 3/4 Violin labelled Maidstone, 1920's, red brown varnish, good conditionBirmingham£180.00
SORBI23922Short Handle Tongue Drum BeatersBirmingham£15.99
SORBI23966Long Handle Tongue Drum BeatersBirmingham£19.99
SORBI24730French Viola 15 3/4 Inch back, Collin-Mezin school, circa 1900, beautiful shaded varnish, highly flamed 2 piecBirmingham£4500.00
SORBI247804/4 German Violin labelled Stradivarius made in Dresden C 1900Birmingham£900.00
SORBI25380Brynn Hiscox Classical Guitar handmade in the UK 1982, 14 piece rosewood back, AAA swiss pine top, mahogany nBirmingham£999.00
SORBI25553The Teds - Hear Much Say Little CD Album by popular Birmingham band, The Father TedsBirmingham£5.99
SORBI25554The Teds - Hear Much Say Little CD Album by popular Birmingham based band, The Father Teds Birmingham£5.99
SORBI25815Michael Cronnolly M&E Polymer Deluxe D Flute with engraved rings, made in Ireland complete with bagBirmingham£225.00
SORBI25946The Teds - You, me and the sea between us CD albumBirmingham£5.99
SORBI25947The Teds - You, Me And The Sea Between Us CD album by popular Birmingham band, The Father TedsBirmingham£5.99
SORBI25952The Teds - You, Me And The Sea Between Us CD album by popular Birmingham band, The Father TedsBirmingham£5.99
SORBI25970German Maggini Copy 4/4 Violin, 1900 in good condition, 2 piece back, shaded varnishBirmingham£600.00
SORBI25971Michela Wedermeyer 4/4 Violin made in Newark 1999, in excellent condition, bright and warm toneBirmingham£3000.00
SORBI25983Simpson of London 8 Key Wooden Flute & BoxBirmingham£1500.00
SORBI25984R Cooks & Co of London, 8 Key Rosewood Flute complete with wooden boxBirmingham£1500.00
SORBI25989C Jeffries 38 Key C/G Anglo Concertina in nice playable condition, just serviced by Marcus Music, C/P, S/R, 6FBirmingham£5250.00
SORBI26193Roland FR-8X 120 Bass Piano Accordion, V-Accordion in Black, nice condition complete with gig bagBirmingham£2250.00
SORBI26312Howarth Of London Wooden Oboe model B complete with Hard CaseBirmingham£750.00
SORBI26435Pocket mandolin made by Antony DixonBirmingham£395.00
SORBI26522Blueridge 140E/FPP with built in pick upBirmingham£550.00
SORBI26606G. Ormiston flute in D without keys, R&R style, African blackwoodBirmingham£800.00
SORBI26618Butone Tongue Drum in F natural minor with beaters and ring, nice speckled blue finish, handmade in UKBirmingham£450.00
SORBI26619Butone Tongue Drum in F natural minor complete with beaters and ring, attactive speckled Grey finish, handmadeBirmingham£450.00
SORBI26666Valentino Quiet Electric Violin Outfit in RedBirmingham£150.00
SORBI26672Bennett 6-string lap steel guitarBirmingham£295.00
SORBI26715Hohner Morino V S 120 Bass Piano Accordion 5 Voice, amazing instrument, Musette and Double Octave options withBirmingham£2500.00
SORBI26788Mengascini D263 C/F 2. 5 Row Melodeon, handmade in Italy, beautiful condition with hard caseBirmingham£1995.00
SORBI26790Carvalho Soprano Ukulele, Koa wood, made in PortugalBirmingham£90.00
SORBI26792Stagg 77-FFE Silver Plated Open Hole Flute with caseBirmingham£129.00
SORBI26829Stagg 77-C Clarinet with deluxe ABS caseBirmingham£90.00
SORBI26845Rosetti 5 Series Clarinet Complete with CaseBirminghamPOA
SORBI26883Ormiston Blackwood D Unkeyed Flute, Rudall & Rose style, handmade in Scotland, nice condition complete with haBirmingham£799.00
SORBI26963Trevor James Classic II alto sax with Yamaha 4C mouthpieceBirmingham£450.00
SORBI27022Rosetti Series 5 Clarinet & CaseBirmingham£139.00
SORBN10877Medieval Tabor Drum 9 inch head£99.00
SORBN10958Portugese 6 String Fado Guitar. All solid spruce & walnut custom built. £250.00
SORBN10969Jonathan's Wonderful Gift - Christmas songbook with CD included. £15.00
SORBN12854Mouth blown Polypenco Smallpipes in Key of A made in Scotland. maroon bag. London£200.00
SORBN12860French violin JTL 1920s nearly mint condition. Beautiful shaded varnish, 2-piece back, nicely flamedBirmingham£1500.00
SORBN12903Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo, maple neck and resonator. £375.00
SORBN12908Ozark YME-400B Acoustic Bass Guitar, spruce top, dark brown body. £225.00
SORBN12909Hohner 1 -row pokerwork melodeon in C. Well used, but plays ok£295.00
SORBN12911Clifford Essex Mandolin Banjo/Banjolin with 11inches head, sounds great!£495.00
SORBN19514Kamaka Pineapple ukulele soprano with case great condition circa 1930's£1250.00
SORBN19891Pearl PF-661 flute silver head good condition with caseBristol£595.00
SORBN20685Lachenal 30 key C/G Anglo concertina 6F SR CP WE BB circa 1910 serial 148841£1895.00
SORBN21206An interesting German 4/4 violin by Karl Weidler Nurnberg 1979 with original reciept. Cherry wood back, amber Leeds£4500.00
SORBN21343Handmade Didgeridoo from OzAboriginal. Yellow Box or Malee great sound with bag £145.00
SORBN21900Butone short handled beaters£15.99
SORBN21902Butone Tongue Drum, metallic blue. £450.00
SORBN21981Butone long handled beaters, pair. £19.99
SORBN21984Butone long handled beaters, pair. £19.99
SORBN21985Butone long handled beaters, pair. POA
SORBN21986Butone long handled beaters, pair. POA
SORBN21987Butone long handled beaters, pair. POA
SORBN21989Butone long handled beaters, pair. £19.99
SORBN21994Vocotone metal Clarinet with casePOA
SORBN22065Paul Hathway Baglama (Octave Saz). Excellent condition with gig bag. £369.00
SORBN22392Stentor student I Viola 15inches with case and bow£99.00
SORBN22472Tokai Goldstar Sound Strat 1982/3. Black with maple neck & Fender logo£495.00
SORBN22554Butone Tongue Drum in F. Green finish with bag and beaters. £450.00
SORBN22557Butone short handle beaters, pair£15.99
SORBN22634Butone long handle beaters, pair£19.99
SORBN22635Butone long handle beaters, pair£19.99
SORBN22779Stoney End Appalachian dulcimer with gig bag great condition£195.00
SORBN22783Greek Bouzouki solid top 21 ribs possibly 1970's. Plays well with gigbag£275.00
SORBN22917Fender CD-140s Nat acoustic guitar good condition with gig bag stand and tuner£160.00
SORBN22918Seymour Duncan Woody SC pick up£35.00
SORBN23030GHS Mandolin banjo small head plays with case£135.00
SORBN23205Ozark 2255 F style Mandolin with case great condition£259.00
SORBN23268EMC Hurdy Gurdy. Built from a kit around 15 years ago. With wooden case etc. £1200.00
SORBN23432Elkavox Model 77 Piano Accordian. 120 Bass 1970's italian made. With case etc. £399.00
SORBN23620Scarlatti 48 bass accoridon red with case 4 X 12 layout good condition£349.00
SORBN23701German Violin circa 1890 'Amati' good condition one piece back lovely sound £900.00
SORBS01581Cuban Tres Handmade by Musikalia, nice, newCrawley£385.00
SORBS02123A- Style Mandolin by John C Barnes, Master Craftsman- F holes, handcarved, quilted maple, Koa BindingBristol£1499.00
SORBS02372Double Cutaway Carved Top Mandolin, cherry sunburst, Schaller tuners, built by John BarnesBristol£1300.00
SORBS02745Phil Davidson 5 String Banjo. . Brazilian mahogany resonator, slim neck, smooth actionBristol£2695.00
SORBS11312Hohner Electravox Deluxe Piano Synth Accordion Bristol£400.00
SORBS11371Indian Brass Talking Drum, one repaired skin, good quality instrumentCanterbury£45.00
SORBS11452Crucianelli 120Bass, 42key, 3voice, cleverly converted from midi to acoustic. Bristol£650.00
SORBS11498Alto recorder with case, good conditionBristol£15.00
SORBS18430Billy Neath new handmade flamenco spanish guitar, german spruce top, cyprus b/s. Bristol£1600.00
SORBS184511/4 size cello, East German. Bristol£150.00
SORBS18515Therapy Sticks, nylon rod design practice sticks designed to reduce wrist strainBristol£12.00
SORBS18521Therapy Sticks, nylon rod design practice sticks designed to reduce wrist strainBristol£12.00
SORBS19426German made Stradavarius copy, briliant tone, especially in the low endBristol£1000.00
SORBS19973Icon Controls pro automated midi audio controller. Bristol£120.00
SORBS20732Seagull Merlin diatonic strumstick-type instrument, as new with bagBristol£120.00
SORBS20747Flamenco Guitar by Billy Neath, German spruce top, cypress b&s, ebony fbBristol£1800.00
SORBS20883meinl floatune 10inches conga, natural finish, great toneBristol£179.00
SORBS21217Crabb 30k Anglo Concertina, ME, MB, CP, SR, 6F. Very good condition. Bristol£2990.00
SORBS21614Blueridge BG60, slope shouldered dreadnought, excellent conditionBristol£495.00
SORBS21675Epiphone Min-ETune, cutaway electro, excellent condition, sunburstBristol£239.00
SORBS21693Kirin, African tone block/tone drum, hand made in GuineaBristol£75.00
SORBS21763Ruhn hand made 4/4 violin, lovely bass response and full soundBristol£750.00
SORBS21825Blackstar HT-1RH 1W valve amp head, great bedroom/practice amp, hardly usedBristol£120.00
SORBS22346Cramona Green violin, excellent condition, slight rip in caseBristol£89.00
SORBS22789Primavera 3/4 violin outfit, dominant strings, good sound. Bristol£99.00
SORBS22838Hohner Gaelic IVS, B/C/C#, 96 Bass, 4Vce, Black, Good ConditionBristol£499.00
SORBS229244/4 fiddle by Bill SMith, built 2014, amazing soundBristol£1600.00
SORBS23099Sabian 20inches Medium Ride CymbalBristol£80.00
SORBS23280Good condition Elkhart Alto SaxBristol£299.00
SORBS23291AA Meinl 8inches djembe, fo hyroglyph print, nice toneBristol£69.00
SORBS23435Luna Pinaple concert uke, C. 1955, fantastic tone andwell preserved£499.00
SORBS23790Countryman DBJ-75 PRO 5-string banjo with flame maple resonator, VGCBristol£525.00
SORBS23792Samick Masterpiece 5-string banjo, resonator, carved heel, VGCBristol£525.00
SORBS23839Antonio Pinto de Carvalho, cavaquinho, excellent condition. Bristol£99.00
SORBS23979Serenellini 374 Musette, 96 Bass, 4 vce, Black, highly decorated, good cond. Bristol£3200.00
SORBS24173Super Classic Amati-Kraslice Tenor Saxophone, Early '80s model, good conditionBristol£300.00
SORBS24337Ashbury Resonator guitar, woden body, spider coneBristol£299.00
SORBS24361Tychoon precussion Rumwong, as new conditionBristol£50.00
SORBS24392Tychoon precussion copper shelled Darabuka, great soundBristol£69.00
SORBS24765Brook Guitars handmade parlour guitar, cherry & spruce, abalone binding, hscBristol£2000.00
SORBS24854Andrew Whale hand-made mandolin, good cond, flat-top, good setup and tone£600.00
SORBS24908Glenluce 31 string harp, fully levered (2 snapped), repaired cracks, walnut, fair conditionBristol£499.00
SORBS25070Maccaferri style D Hole Grande Bouche, by Peter Davies, rosewood/spruceBristol£1500.00
SORBS25072Sean Clarke OM Model acoustic guitar, Handmade in Bristol, Spruce top cherry B&SBristol£1199.00
SORBS25237Native american style flute in E, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£140.00
SORBS25238Native american style flute in C, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£180.00
SORBS25239Native american style drone flute in D, Handmade in romania, beautiful toneBristol£250.00
SORBS25422Windsor Mandolin banjo, Zither style, Great sound good conditionBristol£275.00
SORBS25423Hohner Club IIIm C/F fair conditionBristol£349.00
SORBS25443Manson Hand made Lute guitar, lovely tone 1970sBristol£750.00
SORBS25444Lyon and healy classical banjo, fretless vintageBristol£175.00
SORBS25445Arthur Tilley classical banjo, vintage Bristol£195.00
SORBS25454German concert zither, vintageBristol£30.00
SORBS25532Suzuki Pro-37 melodica, fantastic sounding good conditionBristol£129.00
SORBS25611schecter diamond series C-1 30th aniversary special edition, beautiful inlayBristol£599.00
SORBS25638Russian made balalaika, c. 80sBristol£49.00
SORBS25755Corelli 120b, 4vce, 7 treble couplers, white pearl, musette. Good cond. Bristol£750.00
SORBS25770Ovation Celebrity CC57 Bowlback electro-acoustic guitar, sunburst, good cond. Bristol£199.00
SORBS25816Ibanez 12 String, Made in Japan, cherry sunburst, good action. Bristol£279.00
SORBS25817Howard low C whistle, black finish, good condition. Bristol£99.00
SORBS25818Howard low D whistle, chrome finish, good conditionBristol£99.00
SORBS25822Lagg left handed acoustic dreadnaught guitar, good conditionBristol£120.00
SORBS25824lagg left hand acoustic dreadnaught in good conditionBristol£120.00
SORBS25928Gremlin 48 key english concertina, very good condition, WE MB CP 6FBBristol£599.00
SORBS26039Yamaha Compass Series CPX700 DSR, electrro acoustic guitarBristol£195.00
SORBS26075Atelier Maucotel & Deschamp, circa 1953, French, beautiful sounding violin with Sarasete bowBristol£1750.00
SORBS26309JN Guitars Electro Acoustic Left Handed Guitar, solid spruce top VGCBristol£180.00
SORBS26310Tanglewood TW12 Left Handed 12 String Guitar, big sound, VGCBristol£130.00
SORBS26358Royal Standard 72 bass Piano Accordion, 3vc, red, VGCBristol£500.00
SORBS26359Hohner single row melodeon in C, good condition, made in GermanyBristol£300.00
SORBS26432Excellent starter flute, second hand, keys working well, one small ding. Bristol£150.00
SORBS26472Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26473Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristolPOA
SORBS26515Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26516Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing red regular lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26517Lightrods - extra light rods for low volume playing Blue short lengthBristol£13.99
SORBS26677Ibanez SR306EB 6 string bass guitar, black finishBristol£249.00
SORBS26775Sakis Baglama, as GX36010, very good condition, authentic Rembetiko sound!Bristol£239.00
SORBS26793Barnes Mullins banjo ukulele, walnut resonator, rim and neck, excellent cond. Bristol£229.00
SORBS26866Gewa Instrumenti Liuteria Maestro VI A Violin, 1pce flamed back, Maggini inlays. Bristol£1199.00
SORBS26927Hand-made maple back and sides, gorgeous warm soundBristol£2200.00
SORBS26941Hand-made, spruce top, Indian rosewood and sidesBristol£2400.00
SORBS26942Hand-made, monkeypod back and sides, cedar top, rich and resonant soundBristol£2300.00
SORBS26944Countryman 6 string banjo guitar, fair conditionBristol£150.00
SORBS26949Banjo uke circa 1940s, 10. 5inches head. Good cond. Bristol£150.00
SORBS27032John Hullah hand made Parlour guitar, Brasillian rosewood b/s Spruce topBristol£1800.00
SORBS27074Sutherland 30 key Anglo concertina, good student instrumentBristol£150.00
SORBS27080Persian RubabBristol£300.00
SORBS27098Galotta Single Row in C. Red pearl. 10 treble keys. 4 Bass. Bristol£225.00
SORBS27099Rossini 12bass, 25k, vgc, red pearl. Bristol£250.00
SORBS27182Warm sounding violin, repaired, excellent tone, sold as seen. Bristol£200.00
SORBS27229Stainer copy violin, lovely 2 piece back, great tone, some aesthetic damage, Wittner tunersBristol£375.00
SORBS27241Barnes & Mullins Tenor Banjo, 19fret, alloy pot, with resonator. VGCBristol£225.00
SORBS27249Mayflower 3/4 cello, fully playable but with some flaws. SOLD AS SEENBristol£150.00
SORBS27301Maestro D/G Melodeon, made in Italy, 3vce, 3 treble, 1bass stops. Punchy!Bristol£600.00
SORBS273493/4 Size German Violin, ca. 1880, 2pce back, ebony fingerboard. Bristol£150.00
SORBS27557Harmona D/G Melodeon, German made, fair condition, nice wooden box. Bristol£575.00
SORBS27619Geo. P Matthew OB 5 String Banjo. 1920s. Good quality vintage banjo. New Remo head, and recently serviced. Bristol£259.00
SORBS276295 String Banjo Hard Case, Fair ConditionBristol£30.00
SORBS27661Baile 48 bass (8x6 layout), 29 key keyboard, red Starter accordion SOLD AS SEENBristol£249.00
SORBS27672Tanglewood Left Hand Electro Acoustic Guitar, Indiana Series TFC E, good cond. Bristol£150.00
SORBS27673Samick Left Hand Electro Acoustic Guitar, LW 015, good condBristol£120.00
SORBS2767630 Key Anglo Concertina, PB, WE, CP, 10F, black, basic student modelBristol£150.00
SORBS27719Sherwood Stowe II DG melodeon. 2 1/2 row, Cagnoni Reeds, some mods, fair condBristol£599.00
SORBS27754Yamaha CG-13S, solid top classical. Spruce top, mahognay B&S. Good condition. Bristol£199.00
SORBS27755Camps student classical. Basic, but good player, nice tone. Fair cond. Bristol£75.00
SORBS277624/4 violin, vintage, great tone, sold as seenBristol£250.00
SORBS27807Barnes and Mullins Tenor banjo, Maple resonator, bright toneBristol£299.00
SORBS27850Washburn A style mandolin, oval hole, good starterBristol£100.00
SORBS27883Alambrah Laud, Cedar top mahogany back and sides, with fishman pickup vgcBristol£299.00
SORBS27886Ozark Resonator guitar, steel body Biscuit cone model 3515NBristol£249.00
SORCT12145Hohner Atlantic 4 deluxe, 120 bass Accordion, cream with caseCanterbury£619.00
SORCT12234Lachenal english concertina. Rosewood ends, black 5 fold bellows, metal buttonsCanterbury£1500.00
SORCT12361Excelsior 320 accordion, 4 voice, black, tuned LMMH. With treble and bass pickupCrawley£1000.00
SORCT15966IOP TIPO Modelo Portuguese guitar circa 1980 very good conditionCanterbury£299.99
SORCT16049Artley Flute USA built offset G silver head joint£249.99
SORCT16276Wheatsone 46 key duet concertina. Rosewood ends, black bellows, with caseCanterbury£1495.00
SORCT17285The Muramatsu Flute Silver Head Joint, Silver plated Nickel Keys open hole w/inline GCanterbury£900.00
SORCT180453d printed Bansuri SaxCanterbury£29.99
SORCT181433d Printed Didgeridoo whiteLeeds£29.99
SORCT18563Lachenal 48 key English Concertina Just tuned by Marcus Music Steel reeds & case£1499.00
SORCT18719Lachenal C/G Anglo concertina. Fully restored by Marcus music 2016. 36 button. 7 fold bellows Rosewood ends, dLeeds£2495.00
SORCT18807Travel didgeridoo in the key of C major. 3D printed available in bright coloursLondon£29.90
SORCT20785Pink Travel Didgeridoo, key of C majorLondon£29.99
SORCT21035B. Allodi Super 4 120 bass accordion. 4 voice LMMH, double cassotto. w/caseCanterbury£1200.00
SORCT21491Chanson 48 bass red piano accordion with case Canterbury£300.00
SORCT21497Amati Super Classic Alto sax. made in Czech Republic, with caseCanterbury£369.00
SORCT21948Barnes and Mullins banjo, ebony board, nice inlays. Has a home made resonator Canterbury£349.99
SORCT22090BEING REPAIRED - Parrott 120 bass 4 voice accordion. Tuned LmmH 11 coupler, 4 voice bass, Red with caseCanterbury£150.00
SORCT22322Lachenal Excelsior English concertina. 48 button, rosewood ends. Steel reedsCanterbury£1250.00
SORCT22327Buffett Crampon FluteCanterbury£249.00
SORCT22330Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22332Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22334Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22336Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22356Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22358Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22438Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22459Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22505Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22507Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22509Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22513Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22519Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22542Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22575Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22577Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22579Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22581Homemade ball ended bodhran beater. Made from Beech. Good qualityCanterbury£4.99
SORCT22972JE Wallis (Lachenal) 48 button english concertina. Steel reeds. Restored May 2017 by Marcus music. 5 fold bell£899.00
SORCT23065Leblanc Series 3 Clarinet with case Canterbury£799.00
SORCT23150C2001 Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo good condition with case Crawley£1499.00
SORCT23161Reworked USA AXL, Entwistle p/ups, Bourns pots, wilkinson tuners, pio caps 1 of 1, complete custom job. Canterbury£399.99
SORCT23242EGGI swiss built button accordion tune in keys of D/A + accidentals. As newCanterbury£799.00
SORCT23244Wheatstone 48 Key English Concertina, SR, 6F, CP, Rosewood Ends, new padsCanterbury£1499.00
SORCT23845Stradavarius cremona copy 19th century with case and original bowCanterbury£999.99
SORCT24421SKB 1u abs rack case Canterbury£39.99
SORCT24443Yamaha P4500 power amp 460w x 2 into 8 ohms 620w x 2 4 ohmsCanterbury£149.99
SORCT24463Deltec PA speaker set up including GX12 300 watts x 2, GX16 x 2 300 watts. Canterbury£599.99
SORCT24506Sonola sorbonne 3 96 bass accordion. Tuned LMMM, black with case, really nice playerCanterbury£1200.00
SORCT248861990's Deering Deluxe 5 string banjo. Resonator model, with good hard foam case. Fresh fret level. Canterbury£1299.00
SORCT25104Stoney End Lorraine model 29 string harp Canterbury£1500.00
SORCT253981990's Sabian Hand Hammered Meduim Thin Crash 16inchesCanterbury£139.00
SORCT253991990's Sabian 13inches HH Fusion Hats air vented on the bottom cymbal. Canterbury£149.00
SORCT25748Peavey Marvel Rockmaster electric guitar. Canterbury£109.00
SORCT25830Hohner Nova 72 Bass Chromatic accordion. Red with bag. 2 voiceCanterbury£999.00
SORCT25870Hohner Concerto 4. Red 120 bass compact accordion. 3 voice, no caseCanterbury£599.00
SORCT26140Travel Didgeridoo in Yellow. Key of C Canterbury£29.99
SORCT26172Cankaya Muzik Evi Turkish built Oud, spruce top, 21 mahogany ribs. Good condition. Canterbury£369.00
SORCT265001980s Marathon Pro Series, Korean built superstrat with Kahler tremCanterbury£229.00
SORCT26506Late 80's Phantom Riffmaster Tiger Stripe in great condition, plays well. KoreanCanterbury£149.99
SORCT26644Boehm BansuriCanterbury£39.99
SORCT26646Morse Albion English concertina. 37 button. Built in USA, mint condition w/caseCanterbury£1695.00
SORCT26660Flute - Ari De Keyser African Blackwood Flute in the key of D with hard caseCanterbury£400.00
SORCT266921960 Hofner President Thinline electro acoustic, orginal apart from bridge and jack socket, lots of work done Canterbury£1499.00
SORCT26756Wheatstone 48 key English concertina. New 6 fold bellows, fully restoredLeeds£1249.00
SORCT26960Bohimian sold by Henshaw and Lowbell manchester copy of Amati c1905, professionally fitted pickup, with caseCanterbury£999.99
SORCT26996Bina musical instruments Junior Sitar, indian made with case Canterbury£279.00
SORCT27000Vox Pathfinder V9158 guitar amplifierCanterbury£149.00
SORCT27004Unbranded fretless bass. Canterbury£139.00
SORCT27082Vintage Selmer Jazz Tenor Mouthpiece, Facing 'E' (No. 5)Canterbury£170.00
SORCT27088Yanagisawa 991 Tenor Saxophone, just serviced, corriosn in places but nothing major. Hardcase very goof. Canterbury£1999.99
SORCT27089Yanagisawa Baritone B6 Saxophone (c. 1985) Canterbury£3499.00
SORCT27091Nigel Tree Harps The Blondel 34 strings spanning 6C to 1A UK built 1991, spruce and maple. Canterbury£1499.99
SORCT27118Yanagisawa 990B Alto Canterbury£1799.00
SORCT27120Yanagisawa 990 Soprano sax Canterbury£899.00
SORCT27121Keilwerth The King Tenor Sax Canterbury£1299.99
SORCT27164Olympic Strat in red sparkle With Eddie Van Halen inspired body finish. Canterbury£129.00
SORCT27167Selmer Paris metal Jazz C* alto sax mouthpiece (67 inch tip opening, roughly No. 3)Canterbury£125.00
SORCT27175Selmer soprano sax S80 'D' (51 inch tip opening, No. 5) ebonite mouthpieceCanterbury£40.00
SORCT27219Galotta 120 bass accordion. 3 voice in red, serviced and tuning checked may 2018Canterbury£299.00
SORCT27336Marlinez (ibanez neck (RG550) on a marlin strat) playable cheap guitarCanterbury£129.00
SORCT2754070's Joodee Performer Bass, has a repaired neck otherwise great vintage soundCanterbury£229.00
SORCT275411970s Japan Berkley Forge Short Scale SG bass, has a repaired neck Canterbury£249.00
SORCT27572Roland Cube Chorus 60. Sixty watt guitar amp, built in chorus and reverb. 1980sCanterbury£179.00
SORCT27747East German Piano Accordion, similar to weltmeister. 3 voice, 96 bass. Gold celluloid finish, with useable harCanterbury£350.00
SORCT27765Vintage rectangler hardcase for many usesCanterbury£34.99
SORCT27809Vivace 3 Kurioshi Flute in pastel pink. Cheap Nickel flute. Fun for beginner£99.99
SORCT27814c. 1960 Burns London Sonic w/ Burns Tri-Sonic p/ups, laquer and age related marksCanterbury£499.99
SORCT27856Chinese built full size violin (unbranded) With case. No bow, cheap starter itemCanterbury£49.99
SORCT27869Cecilio Electric ViolinCanterbury£100.00
SORCT27931Vantage Electric Guitar 1970s Japan, w/Seymour Duncan 59 in bridge and neck positions, lots of age related maCanterbury£349.00
SORCT27935Peavey neck on a 70's Japan, cool guitar Canterbury£249.00
SORCT27937Vintage Hardcase Canterbury£29.99
SORCT28007Full Size Violin, badged as Antonius Stradivarius, probably German built c, 1800Canterbury£450.00
SORCT28029Swing Street New York Mark V Pro Series Tenor Saxophone with caseCanterbury£249.99
SORCT28085Yamaha Alto Sax YAS280. Brass, as new condition with case and strapsCanterbury£649.00
SORCT28108Hohner Arietta 2. 72 bass piano accordion, 3 voice, 5 coupler with caseLondon£449.00
SORCT281572005 Gretsch 6120 BLK Japan Built with Epiphone case Canterbury£1449.00
SORCT28237Yamaha 211S silver plated flute with case Canterbury£299.00
SORCT28239Jupiter 311 Flute with case - has had recent serviceCanterbury£250.00
SORCT28391Trumbone Hardfoam case Canterbury£39.99
SORCT28392Yamaha ASC-200E alto case good conditionCanterbury£89.99
SORCT28400Yamaha Tenor Sax caseCanterbury£59.99
SORCT28418HH VS Bass Head vintage Canterbury£109.00
SORCT28534Buffett Crampon flute with case, few marks a a couple of minor dentsCanterbury£169.00
SORCT28537OLP MM4, by Ernie Ball HSS, slight chip by strap pin otherwsie very goodCanterbury£199.00
SORCT28539Jupiter JFL511 flute with case and slip bagCanterbury£199.99
SORCT28540Blessing Curved Soprano SaxCanterbury£199.99
SORCT28544Dino Baffetti Black Pearl 2, with stop to take 3rds out. With bag (zip broken)Birmingham£999.00
SORCT28546Arcadia one row 4 stop in C major. Natural finish, with bag. Sounds greatCanterbury£649.00
SORCT28557Squier Affinity Strat couple of big chips on the front Canterbury£75.00
SORCT28570Vintage Drum Hardware CaseCanterbury£14.99
SORCT28571Vintage Drum Hardware CaseCanterbury£14.99
SORCT28608Power Dynamics PDM-C808A Eight channel mixer amp. Mint conditionCanterbury£139.00
SORCT28623Torque K50-2 keyboard amp. Twin channel, 50 watt amplifier. Old but works wellCanterbury£75.00
SORCT28625Ibanez GSA 60 lots of chips and lacquer marks but plays and sounds goodCanterbury£119.99
SORCT28656Trace Acoustic addon or stand alone powered 4 x 4 cabCanterbury£99.99
SORCT28718Tanglewood TWBU 4 String Ukulele Banjo. like newCanterbury£159.00
SORCT28728Ashbury 'Tree of Life' banjo gold hardware. Canterbury£549.00
SORCT28981Yamaha CVP98, old model high end all workingCanterbury£449.00
SORCT28993Yamaha CLP535 digital piano. Mahogany finish, very nice conditionCanterbury£999.99
SORHO12624Good German violin well flamed body & neck, sounds very good. Crawley£1200.00
SORHO12737German Viola 15. 25inches dark red-brown varnish, narrow curl well flamed back, circa 1900, new setup, excelleBirmingham£995.00
SORHO12739German Violin, circa 1920, amber varnish. well flamed, 2 piece back, new setup, bright toneBirmingham£800.00
SORHO12749Berlin school German Violin. wide descending curled back, amber varnish. Birmingham£995.00
SORHO12926Harmony Tenor Guitar, strung for CGDA tuning. £180.00
SORHO12927Modern Uke with Coconut Shell Style Body£45.00
SORLO013017Tuneable Yellow Fabric Didgeridoo with bagLondon£335.00
SORLO013055Singing bowl in 'Bb'. Naga bowl (with base attatched) 6 1/4inches Dia. With stick. £250.00
SORLO013057Singing bowl in 'B'. Naga bowl (base attatched) 6inches Dia. With stick. £250.00
SORLO013059Singing Bowl in 'B'. Naga bowl (base attatched) 6 1/2inches Dia. With stick. £280.00
SORLO04495Hathway Saz Quarter Tone Fret. s. Long ScaleLondon£675.00
SORLO04722Travel Didgeridoo. . London£90.00
SORLO04845Travel-Didge, sax-mango wood. . London£60.00
SORLO05198Didge by A. Furlan 'E' 180cm . f. ibreglass, cloth-wrappedLondon£300.00
SORLO05211Didge by A. Furlan in 'C' - 63'', with bagLondon£300.00
SORLO05265Native American Flute in C at. . 444 tuning mahoganyLondon£160.00
SORLO05266Native American Flute in E at. . about 444 tuning. Made from alderLondon£180.00
SORLO05304Tibetan bowl in B with leathe. r. stickLondon£150.00
SORLO13089Hathway Octave saz. Like Greek baglama. Solid spruce top. London£545.00
SORLO13107Fylde Custom Goodfellow. Spruce top. Rosewood 3 piece back, and sides. London£2550.00
SORLO131495inches thick rimmed singing bowl. London£60.00
SORLO13215Didgeridoo. Tuneable. Handmade fibreglass. Low G, 102inches fully extended. Floral. London£300.00
SORLO13230Hathway 12 string MandolinLondon£620.00
SORLO13312Singing bowl. 7 1/2inches ELondon£210.00
SORLO13314Singing bowl. Heavy chama bowl 7inchesLondon£350.00
SORLO13334Boosey & Hawkes plastic Bb Clarinet with Buffet case and reedsLondon£150.00
SORLO13426Superslider two-part tuneable didge. Carbon fibre. With travel bag. London£180.00
SORLO13428Traveldoo didgerido, packs into 55cm bag! Tuneable 4-part. With bag. Red. London£210.00
SORLO14728French 4/4 violin JTL Strad Copy 1920's, Excellent condition ans tone. Well flamed back, red varnish. London£1395.00
SORLO15795Hathway Parlour guitar. Small body. Spruce top. London£995.00
SORLO1635848 bass piano accordion. 2 voice. Red pearloid. Unnamed but German. With case. London£450.00
SORLO16644Sorrento 72b piano accordion 3vc. 1960's German made. Red. London£450.00
SORLO173382010 Animal handmade drum kit - shells only in silver sparkle. 12inches, 16inches and 22inches London£300.00
SORLO17953Traveldoo pro. Travel didgeridoo packs into 55cm bag. 3kg. extens to 3m. London£300.00
SORLO18461Shamanic drum. 25cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£127.50
SORLO18531Shamanic drum. 30 cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. With beater. Bristol£150.00
SORLO18535Shamanic drum. 30 cm. Handmade in Poland. Goatskin. With beater. Bristol£150.00
SORLO18864Native American style drone flute in Em. A=432London£300.00
SORLO18872Kantele. Finnish made, by Lovikka. Five string. With case. As new. London£180.00
SORLO19151Shamanic drum 40cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£180.00
SORLO19366Shamanic drum 30cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£150.00
SORLO19368Shamanic drum 30cm handmade in Poland. Goatskin. London£150.00
SORLO19531Deering Maple Blossom (1986) with pick-up. With case. Great sound. London£1650.00
SORLO19539Hathway 12 string octave mandola red cedar top. Handmade, all solid timber. London£795.00
SORLO19818Hathway mandocello spruce top. Handmade in LondonLondon£895.00
SORLO19820Hathway mandocello (bouzouki tuning) spruce top. Handmade in London. London£895.00
SORLO20762Baroque-style rosewood Irish flute in D - single keyLondon£250.00
SORLO20831Shamanic drum bag. Small 13inchesx4inches with pocket. New. Black. London£45.00
SORLO20835Shamanic drum. Goat hide 40cm. Handmade in Poland. London£195.00
SORLO20978Shamanic drum. Goat hide 40cm. Handmade in Poland. London£195.00
SORLO21033Shamanic drum. Goat hide 30cm. Handmade in Poland. London£165.00
SORLO21130Hathway bouzouki, spruce top£795.00
SORLO21220Hathway mandolin, large body, cedar topLondon£630.00
SORLO21222Hathway mandolin, large body, spruce topLondon£630.00
SORLO21273Lachenal 48 treble English concertina. 7F MB WE CP SR Warm tone. With case. London£2000.00
SORLO21569Singing bowl. Heavy. 7inches dia. E. No stick. London£300.00
SORLO21619Singing bowl. 7 1/4inches. C/FLondon£180.00
SORLO21621Singing bowl. 7 1/4inches. E/A#London£180.00
SORLO21702Ciblon double ended drum from Java. With wooden stand. London£250.00
SORLO21792Aria SB-75 5 string banjo with resonator made in Japan, late 70sLondon£450.00
SORLO21839Hathway tenor mandola. Spruce topLondon£655.00
SORLO21932Jewsaphone. 3D printed food grade plastic Jews harp amplifierLondon£55.00
SORLO22178Hathway tenor guitar. Mahogany top. New, handmade in London. £895.00
SORLO22180Hathway 5 course mandolin. Cedar top. New, handmade in London. £675.00
SORLO22188Weltmeister 72bass C System 5 row continental chromatic accordion. Black. As newLondon£1350.00
SORLO22192Shepherd's flute in B, Hand carved in Slovakia, 4 holeLondon£110.00
SORLO22195Melody Uke, uke banjo. Fully restored. Big sound. No case. London£450.00
SORLO22259Sarangi. North Indian. Quality instrument with fibreglass case. As new. London£499.00
SORLO22419Morin-khuur Mongolian horse head fiddle. 42inches With bow. Not Chinese version. London£450.00
SORLO22425Ukulele banjo. Unnamed 1930's 10inches vellum head. Loud and bright sound. No case. London£395.00
SORLO22496Hathway handmade mandolin with p/u, large body, spruce top£790.00
SORLO22706Khomus in D. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO22865Gitane D-500. 'D' soundhole gypsy jazz guitar. With case. London£750.00
SORLO22937Hathway short scale bouzouki on tenor guitar body. Cedar top. Handmade. London£915.00
SORLO22939Ukrainian dombra. Four string round back G, D, A, E. No bag. London£225.00
SORLO22941Hathway octave mandola. Spruce top. Handmade. London£750.00
SORLO22943Hathway mandolin with fancy scratchplate and binding. Spruce top. Handmade. London£795.00
SORLO22945Hathway mandolin. Spruce top. Handmade. London£595.00
SORLO23302Butone tongue drum. F# pentatonic. 13 note. A few small marks. Reduced. London£415.00
SORLO23304C. Jeffries 26 key anglo concertina. Refurb by Crabb. 6/F C/P M/E B/B. Cased. Leeds£4999.00
SORLO23307Native American style flute in G. Living branch. London£130.00
SORLO23367Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Peacock design. London£40.00
SORLO23428Heartwood long neck 5-string banjo. Open back, tone ring. No bag. London£315.00
SORLO23438Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Ox skin, metal balls, amber beads. London£45.00
SORLO23439Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls. Quartz crystal. London£45.00
SORLO23441Shamanic ceremonial rattle. Polish made. Deer skin. Metal balls, wooden beads. London£45.00
SORLO23444Shamanic drum bag. Large. 18inches X 4inches. Olive green and black. London£67.50
SORLO23445Shamanic drum bag. Large. 18inches X 4inches. Black. London£67.50
SORLO23446Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23447Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23448Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£195.00
SORLO23483Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£210.00
SORLO23484Shamanic drum. 40cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£210.00
SORLO23485Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£165.00
SORLO23486Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Goat hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£165.00
SORLO23536Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£180.00
SORLO23537Shamanic drum. 30cm Dia. Deer hide. Handmade in Poland. With beater. London£180.00
SORLO23927Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Crescent moon design. London£40.00
SORLO23928Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. London£40.00
SORLO23932Khomus in D#. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO23995Khomus in F#. Jaw harp from Sakha (Yakutia)London£90.00
SORLO24070Buffalo horn trumpet. Plain, polished. 14inches. London£45.00
SORLO24071Buffalo horn trumpet. Plain, polished. 14inches. London£45.00
SORLO24196Ocean drum. Octagonal. Small. Painted. London£30.00
SORLO24359African 'washboard' shaker, with jingles. London£15.00
SORLO24449German 'Portugese' style mandolin. 1930-40s. Deep body. No case. London£295.00
SORLO24456Hathway mandolin cedar top. Handmade in London. London£595.00
SORLO24457Hathway mandolin cedar top. Handmade in London. London£595.00
SORLO24692Hathway cittern. Spruce top. Handmade in London. London£830.00
SORLO24693Hathway cittern, short scale. Spruce top. Handmade in London. London£775.00
SORLO24694Hathway bouzouki, short scale. Cedar top. Handmade in London. London£795.00
SORLO24695Hathway three course bouzouki. Spruce top. Handmade in London. London£765.00
SORLO24696Hathway piccolo mandolin, CGDA tuning. Cedar top. Handmade in London. London£565.00
SORLO24707Gope cuica. 16cm high. London£45.00
SORLO24708Gope cuica. 16cm high. London£45.00
SORLO24900Borsini B/C button accordion. 4 voice. Blue with a big sound. With case. London£750.00
SORLO25033Hathway octave mandola. Spruce top. Handmade in London. New. London£750.00
SORLO25117Hathway octave mandola. Cedar top. Handmade in London. New. London£750.00
SORLO25118Hathway mandolin. Spruce top. Handmade in London. New. London£595.00
SORLO25159National M1 Tricone Resonator - as new!London£1980.00
SORLO25161Amistar 'Basic-3' Single-cone resonator guitarLondon£750.00
SORLO25163Shonky handmade short-scale electric guitarLondon£300.00
SORLO25173Butone tongue drum E min. With Beaters and ring. No. 130718London£450.00
SORLO25174Butone tongue drum F# lydian. With beaters and ring. No. 150618. London£450.00
SORLO25183John E. Dallas Mandolin c. 1900 good conditionLondon£495.00
SORLO25184Mandolin circa 1905, German made for the Neapolitan school of music. London£295.00
SORLO25187Butone Mallets, Black, handmade in EnglandLondon£19.99
SORLO25188Butone Mallets, Black, handmade in EnglandLondon£19.99
SORLO25198Butone Mallets, Green, handmade in EnglandLondon£19.99
SORLO25199Butone Mallets, Green, handmade in EnglandLondon£19.99
SORLO25200Butone Mallets, Green, handmade in EnglandLondon£19.99
SORLO25282Hathway mandolin, large body + P/U. Spruce top. Handmade in London. London£790.00
SORLO25283Hathway mandolin + P/U. Cedar top. Handmade in London. London£755.00
SORLO25284Hathway mandolin + P/U. Spruce top. Handmade in London. London£755.00
SORLO25289Forenza viola outfit 16inches back. Great student instrument (+new Dominant strings)London£180.00
SORLO25413Indian tabla pair. With hats, rings and bag. Great sounding!London£210.00
SORLO2548412 string harp guitar, handmade by John Kilpatrick, 1990London£900.00
SORLS13608Weltmeister Worldmaster 120 bass piano accordion, VGCLeeds£499.00
SORLS13637Schlagwerk BC 460 Booster bass cajon with stand and bagLeeds£200.00
SORLS13754The Hawk solid top 12 string guitar with bagLeeds£300.00
SORLS13940The ABCs of Brazilian PercussionLeeds£15.00
SORLS13942Darabuka MethodLeeds£11.95
SORLS13944Learning the TablaLeeds£17.99
SORLS13946Brazilian Percussion by Gilson de AssisLeeds£22.50
SORLS13950Violin by Bryan Maynard, 1975 Newark school with case and two bowsLeeds£2800.00
SORLS14859German plywood double bass hard caseLeeds£500.00
SORLS15680John Creswell 2005 Violin with bow and case. Leeds£2500.00
SORLS15915Silver Mounted Pernabucco Orchestra Bow, Leeds£500.00
SORLS15917Concertmaster Violin, with case. Leeds£1100.00
SORLS15971German cello bow, ebony frogLeeds£500.00
SORLS16136Cello bow W SEIFERT, good conditionLeeds£400.00
SORLS16184Cello bow Hermann FIEDLER made in DresdenLeeds£600.00
SORLS16333William Knaggs violin, Canadian, c. 1880s, good condition, recently reconditionedLeeds£2500.00
SORLS16335German violin bow, silver mounted, pernambuco, 53gLeeds£800.00
SORLS16439Czech violin c. 1920, good condition w/ caseLeeds£450.00
SORLS16711Modern German violin, with case and bow, good conditionLeeds£950.00
SORLS16869Bridge 'Arabian Nights' acoustic violin, one off, with Pedi case, vgcLeeds£1250.00
SORLS17294Practice chanter, Macleod Highland SuppliesLeeds£45.00
SORLS17296Set of Tabla drum£250.00
SORLS17561English Violin, 4/4 Made in Doncaster, 2006, by Robert William DunceLeeds£2200.00
SORLS17563Hard Double Violin Case with HygrometerLeeds£300.00
SORLS17571German violin, Amati copy, good conditionLeeds£750.00
SORLS18161Nice 13inches Djembe, made in Ghana, great soundLeeds£200.00
SORLS18574Silver mounted Otto A. Hoyer cello bowLeeds£800.00
SORLS18811Handmade Oud w/ bagCanterbury£300.00
SORLS18821Miller Browne Irish B piccolo, black, nice toneLeeds£60.00
SORLS18908Romanian contemporary violin, workshop of Gliga Vasile w/ caseLeeds£850.00
SORLS19203Pickard 23 M, Very good tone, with CaseLeeds£900.00
SORLS19630Bridge Aquila Violin outfit as newLondon£695.00
SORLS19645handmade violin by Mark HuntingtonLeeds£2000.00
SORLS19841Violmaster 4/4 violin as new , outfitLeeds£1200.00
SORLS19918Tanglewood bowlback mandolin as newLeeds£250.00
SORLS20054Stentor Student II 3/4 size cello outfitLeeds£450.00
SORLS20133Gold Tone OB-250Leeds£900.00
SORLS207914/4 German violin c. 1900 amber varnish, two piece back, exellent condition. Leeds£1200.00
SORLS20905ashbury parlour guitar GR54067 as newLeeds£300.00
SORLS20907French JTL 4/4 Violin circa early 1900, beautifull one piece back shaded varnishLeeds£1600.00
SORLS210091/2 size German violin Circa 1900, with case and 2 bowsLeeds£300.00
SORLS21106Ton in Markstein early 20th century 4/4 violin stamped TIM antique appearence shaded varnish execellent conditLeeds£1800.00
SORLS21312Michael Vignole's uilleann pipes - good condition. Leeds£1800.00
SORLS21385Lachenal 48 key English concertina, WE BB BR 4F CPBristol£600.00
SORLS21771Tanglewood TRSJ Super Jumbo Electro Acoustic Guitar w/ hard case Leeds£300.00
SORLS21775Deadrat Bowed Psaltery, good conditionLeeds£180.00
SORLS21870Hand Crafted Fretless Cigarbox guitar by Kevin Braithwaite, with pickup£140.00
SORLS21878Jackson JS32T Dinky electric guitar, flourescent yellow, 2 humbuker, as newLeeds£225.00
SORLS22050German 4/4 violin c. 1920's labelled Montagnana, good condition, case and 2 bowsLeeds£850.00
SORLS22225Galotta 36 bass piano accordion- Free bass - Good condition with case. Leeds£450.00
SORLS22276Christian Gliga 3/4 violin outfit, 2014, excellent conditionLeeds£600.00
SORLS22365Rhegin Romania 4/4 cello, Jargar string, good condition w/ hard case & bowLeeds£600.00
SORLS22592Squier P-Bass Bass Guitar w/ bagLeeds£150.00
SORLS22748German Violin Circa 1900'sLeeds£860.00
SORLS22750German Violin Bow Stamped 'Walter Mettal' - 1920'sLeeds£450.00
SORLS22908German violin, 4/4 c. 1900's, Guarnarius label. In excellent condition with bow and caseLeeds£1200.00
SORLS23191Cigar box guitarLeeds£120.00
SORLS232524/4 German Violin, two piece back, shaded varnish, labelled, GuarneriusLeeds£900.00
SORLS232554/4 French violin circa 1900, one piece back, good conditionLeeds£700.00
SORLS23326Luthier Flavio Poratelli 000 acoustic guitar, bear claw spuce top, E. I. R. b/sLeeds£3500.00
SORLS23504Jupiter Flute W/ CaseLeeds£300.00
SORLS23515Fratelli Ficarra 12 string bowl back mandolin, vgc, w/caseLeeds£395.00
SORLS23572French 3/4 violin C 1910, two piece back, amber varnish. In excellent condition with a new set-up. £360.00
SORLS235818 note steel drumLeeds£150.00
SORLS23585Crafter SAT - TMBK - left handed, excellent condition w/case. Leeds£500.00
SORLS23695Yamaha YFL211 w/ hard case, vgcLeeds£330.00
SORLS23746Universal SB100 Carved upright 4/4 Double Bass, good setup, vgc, w/ bag and bowLeeds£995.00
SORLS23849German 4/4 Violin, Guarneri Model ca1900 2 Piece Back Shaded Varnish, Good CondLeeds£1200.00
SORLS23851German 4/4 Silver Mounted Violin Bow, Unstamped Pernambuco Stick, Good CondLeeds£1200.00
SORLS238534/4 Violin Bow by Arnold Voight ca 1900 Silver Mounted Pernumbuco Stick Exc CondLeeds£2000.00
SORLS23856italian luthier Aldo Illotta acoustic jazz guitarLeeds£6000.00
SORLS23879Moroccan djembe, really good tone, with bagLeeds£185.00
SORLS23948Gremlin 5 String Banjo with Resonator Back. Case included. Leeds£425.00
SORLS24134Royal Piano Harp ZitherLeeds£120.00
SORLS24145The Whirle Banjo Ukulele in Good Condition with CaseLeeds£185.00
SORLS24215Vignoles 16inch tuneable Irish Bodhran as newLeeds£175.00
SORLS24229Blueridge BR-180 CE Electro Acoustic Guitar, great action, mint condition w/ bagLeeds£1395.00
SORLS24305Killick Guitars N5 acoustic guitar All solid maple with scoped cutwayLeeds£2000.00
SORLS24307Killick guitars N20 baritone acoustic guitar, ziricote back&side, sitka spruce Leeds£2000.00
SORLS24336Hohner student 72 bass, in blackLeeds£850.00
SORLS24413Single string Cigar Box Guitar w/ pickup and slide by Kevin BraithwaiteLeeds£120.00
SORLS24558French violin circa 1900Leeds£1350.00
SORLS24743Sully's maple long scale resonator banjo w/ Keith tuners, 5th string capo and case. Great Tone. Leeds£1200.00
SORLS24786Tabor Drum 10inches excellent conditionLeeds£60.00
SORLS24978Tabor Drum 10inches excellent condition£60.00
SORLS25013Chinese Dizi Flute in high G, excellent conditionLeeds£45.00
SORLS25015Indian Flute in high C, excellent conditionLeeds£15.00
SORLS25054Quena in G, excellent conditionLeeds£45.00
SORLS25129Pinkillu in C, excellent conditionLeeds£45.00
SORLS25153Dizi Flute in A, excellent conditionLeeds£50.00
SORLS25197Low C whistle, aluminium, excellent conditionLeeds£125.00
SORLS25251GIBSON BLUES KING Sunburst Acoustic Guitar as newLeeds£2000.00
SORLS25355Heartwood Emerald Tenor Banjo as new, with caseLeeds£550.00
SORLS253594/4 German Markneukirchen violin c. 1910 amber varnish, well flamed, 2 pce backLeeds£900.00
SORLS253624/4 English violin by James Worden, Preston, 1903, labelled Sanctus Silverius, red varnish, 2 pce backLeeds£3000.00
SORLS25365Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass red as newLeeds£400.00
SORLS25382Deering Tenor Banjo 17 Fret w/BagLeeds£300.00
SORLS25508Cigar Box Ukulele Electro Acoustic w/Piezo pickup and Montecristo boxLeeds£140.00
SORLS25530Cigar Box Ukulele with Piezo pickup and Oliva boxLeeds£140.00
SORLS25642Taylor 310 acoustic guitar as new, with hard caseLeeds£750.00
SORLS257663 strings cigar box guitar, magnetic pickup, sun grown cigar boxLeeds£195.00
SORLS257853 string cigar box guitar, magnetic pickup, quatro cinco boxLeeds£195.00
SORLS258753 string cigar box guitar, with piezo pickup, macanudo boxLeeds£140.00
SORLS25995P. G. Bleazey Low D Mopani Irish Flute w/BagLeeds£395.00
SORLS26013Michael Cronolly Low D Delrin Resin Irish Flute w/Bag Leeds£275.00
SORLS26019Francisco Ricardo Bowl Back Mandolin w/Inlays Restored by Dave Haynes Dec '14Leeds£195.00
SORLS2602620thC Bell Mandolin w/Inlays Restored by Dave Haynes Apr '15Leeds£195.00
SORLS26110Fretless 5 String Gourd Banjo CrawfordLeeds£200.00
SORLS261695 String Bansitar by Helmut RheingansLeeds£450.00
SORLS26179Westfield Hofner-style Violin Bass w/bagLeeds£150.00
SORLS26206British Made Banjo Uke (Conversion from Mandolin) w/caseLeeds£150.00
SORLS26255English 4/4 Cello made by Ian Runnacles Bury St Edmunds 1984 w/Bow and CaseLeeds£1200.00
SORLS26258PRS SE Angelus A10E as new w/pickup and caseLeeds£600.00
SORLS26283Beltuna Alex III, 2 1/2 row D/G Melodeon, 3 vce, 12 bass, Walnut, w/ gig bagLeeds£2800.00
SORSO11617Handmade by local guitar maker. Slim body solid Mgny b & s Solid spruce topCrawley£799.00
SORSO11795Trevor James Privilage Flute, including case. Recently serviced. Crawley£349.00
SORSO11886H. E. Styles Handmade British Violin No. 20 2004 One Piece Back w/ caseCrawley£895.00
SORSO11938Gaudini 120 Bass Piano Accordion. Black. 4 Treble Couplers. Good Condition. Crawley£400.00
SORSO11947Marshall JVM 410 Head. 100w All Valve As New, W/ CoverCrawley£999.00
SORSO11963Hartke 410XL 4x10 400Watt Bass CabCrawley£249.00
SORSO11978Slim Jim 'The Hampshire' 5-string O/B Banjo. Made in Southampton UK. Exquisite. Leeds£1699.00
SORSO11980Slim Jim 'The Hampshire' 5-string O/B Banjo. Made in Southampton UK. Exquisite. Crawley£1699.00
SORSO11986Sonic Attack Electro Acoustic Violin. W/ Case and Bow. Great Condition. Crawley£495.00
SORSO12637French Violin, circa 1920, straight grain top, 2 piece back, well flamed shaded varnish, new setup, great toneBirmingham£1100.00
SORSO12798Student 3/4 size Cello. Crawley£150.00
SORSO12915Serenellini Deluxe D/G Melodeon. 3 Voice with 3 treble stops. 2 bass stopsCrawley£1900.00
SORSO18343Blackwood Irish D Flute. Made by Tim Caves in Southampton. Crawley£299.00
SORSO18466MF-130 Kiso Suzuki A-style Mandolin. Good condition. Crawley£149.00
SORSO18702Wolff Bros, 1887, Model 925 Violin. Fully restored. Crawley£1200.00
SORSO19279Gaudini 120 bass Piano Accordion 44 Keys 3vc (LMM). W/ Pickup W/CaseCrawley£400.00
SORSO19568Czech copy of Stradivarius 4/4 Violin, mid 20th century, in good conditionCrawley£299.00
SORSO19854Sherwood 8 String, Solid Body Electric Mandolin. Perfect Condition W/ CaseCrawley£299.00
SORSO20893Trevor James Revolution II Straight Soprano Saxophone, attractive Black body with Gold keywork, includes hard Birmingham£599.00
SORSO20940Original 1978 Fender Musicmaster Vintage Short Scale Bass. Extremely good condition. Crawley£799.00
SORSO20985Waltons Bodhran, 15 inchCrawley£39.00
SORSO21034Dean DB-91L BK, good condition with hard case. Crawley£149.00
SORSO21172Hammered Dulcimer, British made from the 1980's. Very nice. Crawley£599.00
SORSO22029Lachenal 48 Key English Concertina. Perfectly tuned. 5FB, Steel reeds, Metal endCrawley£2500.00
SORSO22031Sistema De Meglio 1900's Bowl back mandolin. Walnut and cedar. Nice old mandolinCrawley£250.00
SORSO22263LP CP Conga Set with stand 11inches & 10inches Good Condition. Crawley£149.00
SORSO22320Cygnet Rosewood Irish D Flute. Excellent starter flute. Crawley£159.00
SORSO22352Dean/Peavey Franken-V 6-String Identity Crisis. What a great guitar!Crawley£299.00
SORSO22432Ovation 1617 Left Handed Electro Acoustic Guitar. Natural Colour, VGCCrawley£779.00
SORSO22726Ozark walnut 5 string resonator banjo with engraved brass work and thistle inlayCrawley£599.00
SORSO22728hand made early 1900s 5 string zither banjo, 8 inch head, custom inlays. Crawley£199.00
SORSO22870Squier Jazz Bass 5 String. MFB. Very good condition. Duncan Design P/upsCrawley£269.00
SORSO23047Clifford Essex Grand Boudoir 5-string Banjo. Good condition. Crawley£1200.00
SORSO23048Leostock 5 String Zither Banjo. Being restored. Crawley£500.00
SORSO23239German Violin Stainer Copy Circa 1900's. Nice Tone and Flaming. 2PBCrawley£650.00
SORSO23241Reyko Harmonics Hang Pan, Made by local Soton Maker. In the key of Eb. Crawley£750.00
SORSO23308Reyko Harmonics Hang Pan. Crawley£750.00
SORSO23456Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO23457Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO23475Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO23476Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO23477Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO23478Reyko Harmonics Balinese Hang Pan. Including GigbagCrawley£750.00
SORSO24164Yamaha YFL211. Good Condition. Some water spots. Crawley£299.00
SORSO24168Cremona SV-100 3/4 Violin. Good Condition W/Original Case + Bow. Crawley£159.00
SORSO24312De Meglio Italian mandolin. Crawley£299.00
SORSO24360Clifford Essex 5-String BanjoCrawley£1500.00
SORSO24467Hohner Compadre B/C/C# In Black. As New. £449.00
SORSO24668Gibson SG USA 2002 Lefthanded Cherry. After market Bigsby bridge fitted. Crawley£599.00
SORSO25337Line 6 JTV-59 Variax Modelling Electric Guitar. Mint Condition As New. Crawley£599.00
SORSO25498Peavey Millennium BXP4 & Practice Amp, gigbag & strapCrawley£169.00
SORSO26009Parrot Hohnica 72 Bass 5+2 Red, Good condition, perfect tuning. Crawley£350.00
SORSO26159Ernest Kohler Violin. German made Circa 1890 for Kohler & Sons of Edinburgh. OPBCrawley£1500.00
SORSO26290Giulietti 120 Bass. 4Vc LMMM 11Treble 5Bass. M115 Musette. VGC. W/MicsCrawley£1795.00
SORSO26377Stagg 5 Sting Resonator Banjo, as new condition. Crawley£149.00
SORSO26529Ernest Kohler German Violin Circa 1910. Good Condition. Crawley£1200.00
SORSO26932Yamaha P-45B 88 key fully weighted Digital piano. Excellent condition. Crawley£259.00
SORSO26936Moon Octave Mandolin. Solid Maple. VGC. W/CaseCrawley£750.00