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Chieftain Low D Whistle V4, Fixed Head New V4 model. Alloy instrument with rounded mouthpiece. Superb clear sound

Chieftain Low D Whistle V4, Fixed Head

New V4 model. Alloy instrument with rounded mouthpiece. Superb clear sound

Item ID: GR22033D   Model No: CH130D   
    Product Features
  • The most popular alloy whistle, UK designed and made
  • Closer hole spacing makes the Chieftain Whistles easier for those with smaller hands
  • Easy blow mouthpiece
    Product Specifications
  • Alloy Whistle
  • Tenor
  • Key of Low D
  • Weight: 0.30 kg (approx)
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Model Number: CH130D
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A market leading alloy low D whistle with rounded mouthpiece and a warm, rich tone.
These are very popular, as they are appeal to low whistle players of all standards. They are easy to play, ideal for those new to low whistles, but they are professional-grade instruments and are used on stage by many leading players.
Chieftain is the brand name of a line of whistles manufactured by Phil Hardy of Kerry Whistles.
They are easy to finger as the bottom hole is designed at a comfortable stretch. This whistle is very easy to blow in the first octave and has good back pressure, they produce a superb clear sound comparable to more expensive low whistles.

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13 in warehouse stock 13 in stock in our Warehouse
11 in stock in selected branches show where
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Low Whistle Information

Alloy whistles with an integral metal mouthpiece and metal block tend to be hard blowing powerful and loud instruments. They are capable of a wide range of tone and sound.
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Advice on Choosing Low Whistles

Where to Start?

The whistle is a diatonic instrument with simple fingering, and it's very easy to learn to play - easier than the recorder. If you're thinking about beginning the whistle, it is advisable to begin with a normal (high) whistle in the key of D. It is generally considered to be the easiest to play, and pretty much all of the tutor books you can buy are for whistles in D (although they can be used for any key).

What Keys Can I Play In?
Whistles generally play two oct the full article
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