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Blackthorn - Far From Home, CD (with Phil Hardy), Irish tunes. 'buy it today. Every track is a delight' - SFN

Blackthorn - Far From Home, CD

(with Phil Hardy), Irish tunes. 'buy it today. Every track is a delight' - SFN

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  • Band website:
  • A collection of celtic tunes featuring flutes, whistles, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki and concertina
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  • Made in: United Kingdom
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Track Listing - 43 Minutes, 12 tracks

1 Dance of the Honeybees (Lennon) 2:27
2 Snowy Path - Foxhunter’s Jig (Kelly - Trad) 2:57
3 Mountain Road - Cooleys - Jacksons (Coleman - Trad) 3:51
4 Old Hag You Have Killed Me - Shandon Bells 3:12
5 Far From Home - Foxhunter’s Reel 4:40
6 Women of Ireland - The Legacy (O’Riada - Trad) 2:49
7 The Boy in the Gap - Jacksons Reel 3:08
8 Homebrew - Homeruler - Kitty’s Wedding 4:37
9 Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz - The Munster Cloak 3:32
10 The Maid Behind the Spinning Wheel - Old Blackthorn 3:55
11 Kerry Polkas 4:00
12 Nine Points of Roguery - The Star of Munster 3:44

February 2006: Keltika Magazine (Italy) featured Blackthorn with a rave review and a 2 page colour spread, and two tracks from Far from Home appear on the cover CD.
12th August 2005: Irish Dancing Magazine featured Far From Home as their Album of the month with a full page review.
24th October 2004: Blackthorn's Far From Home CD was featured as the CD of the week on BBC Radio Scotland's "Reel Blend".

"Buy this album for the spot-on tunes"
"Run out and buy it today. Every track is a delight"
"Truly an enjoyable album"
"another Hobgoblin triumph -- The whole CD is a delight"
"Altogether a thoroughly pleasant CD"

Fresh like spring water is the music of the Blackthorn Band on Far From Home released in 2003. ... The style of playing is smooth and effortless: the string instruments, the concertina and the whistles are the main instruments and they occasionally intertwine with the fiddle and the banjo that in turn enrich the music with more notes and melodies giving the tunes a happy and lively vibe. Every tune played becomes a real delight and the biggest surprise is that the Band is little known even to people in the field. ...a very promising debut ...The beauty of the Blackthorn Band can also be found in the way the musicians push the music to the extreme of personalisation being at the same time completely loyal to the traditional tune. ... It’s just not the ability of the musicians that makes this CD special, but it is the pure and honest enthusiasm that they bring us. We can say that after such a debut the future for the Blackthorn seems to be very bright. Listen, enjoy, and dance.
Keltika magazine (Italy)

..their ability to home in on traditional Irish music and make it their own is extraordinary - and this CD is testament to that. Here, we have a dozen tracks of the's superbly rich and colourful with a fullness of instrumentation...a great traditional Irish album. Buy this album for the spot-on tunes - if you need any further encouragement it's being sold at an almost giveaway price, don't ask me why!'
Irish Dancing Magazine

The Blackthorn Band - comprised of Sarah, Fergus and Mannie McClelland, handling guitars, bodhran, concertina, fiddle, banjo, pipes, and Barnes's flutes - make a commendable musical collective. The ensemble playing is loose and fluid: strings, concertina, and flutes out front, laced with occasional fiddle or banjo adding extra melodic colouring.

'..The sort of album that creates a folk party even while you're hoovering the house ...
Tradition 2005

'Here are twelve tracks of superb Irish traditional tunes, each redolent of mist rising over dark green meadows and peat fields stretching out below distant dim blue mountains. If you haven't heard this CD yet - it was released in July 2004 - run out and buy it today. Every track is a delight. ..The
title track exemplifies their technique: picked strings play the first phrase, whistle joins in, fiddle follows and soon the whole Band is taking up the tune and sharing the riotous joy of placing the notes of an unforgettable melody. It is not just the musicianship that makes this CD special, it is the sheer enthusiasm they convey.'
Surrey Folk News 2005

a delightful stream of sound washes over you from start to finish. The band's live set combines English and Irish. Listen, enjoy and dance.'
Around Kent Folk

- how does it manage to be soothing and lively? ....extremely accomplished.'
Folk London

'This is an excellent CD of traditional Irish tunes. Sarah McClelland's and Philippe Barnes' flutes and whistles are well supported by a good tight group of instruments including bouzouki, mandolin, anglo concertina and fiddle ...Many of the tracks, such as the opening 'Dance of the Honeybees' are lively dance tunes, played with a vigour that is infectious to the listener
whatever mood they are in. In contrast, Triona Joyce's tin whistle shows the gentler, plaintive side of the instrument and at its best in 'Women of Ireland'. Here it is achingly haunting, making it one of the most beautiful tunes on the disc. Truly an enjoyable album.'
Fiddle on magazine

'Pleasant, melodic, and beautifully produced, this collection of twelve traditional Irish music tracks marks the debut CD from the Blackthorn Band, Jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas all feature in a display of accomplished musicianship...For those particularly appreciative of instrumental groups and high quality session-type tunes, the intricate melodies and interwoven
harmonies will repay careful and repeated attention...Musicianship of such a standard deserves recognition and success. With such a well-crafted debut, the future looks bright for the Blackthorn Band.'
The Folk Mag 2004

Two flutes, mandolin and concertina flake out wonderful music; this is another Hobgoblin triumph -- The whole CD is a delight.'
Folknews Kernow

This album is a collection of pretty tunes and arrangements, and many tracks have a fine presence. There is some lovely whistle and flute work, with beautifully understated backing on plucked strings and bodhran;..on track 9 they play two of my favourites, Tommy Bhetty's Waltz and The Munster Cloak as well as I ever hope to hear them. ..Altogether a thoroughly pleasant CD.'
Shreds & Patches Autumn 2004

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