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Latest Release: Jacquelyn Hynes - Silver & Wood
Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Bass Guitars

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We stock acoustic basses in all our shops. Canterbury is our main stockist of electric basses and the staff there are players and enthusiasts. We recommend Ashbury for acoustic basses and Fender, Cort and Yamaha for electrics.
Warwick Corvette 4 String Bass Premium model in Natural
Vintage E4 Encore Electric Bass, Gloss BK
Vintage E4 Encore Electric Bass, White
Sterling by Musicman Ray 34, 4-string electric bass. LEFT HANDER with hard case
70's Joodee Performer Bass, has a repaired neck otherwise great vintage sound
1970s Japan Berkley Forge Short Scale SG bass, has a repaired neck
Tanglewood TW55A Acoustic Bass Guitar
Crafter BA400 EQL
Ashbury Bass case, suitable for all acoustic basses. Black and chrome
Ashbury fretless acoustic bass, electro acoustic
Squier Jazz Bass 5 String. MFB. Very good condition. Duncan Design P/ups
Ibanez SRF 700 4 string fretless electric bass guitar. Beautiful condition
USA Custom Shop Washburn Stuart Hamm SHB3, EMG X & peizo p/ups, Hipshot drop d
Dean Edge 5 string bass active. Left handed
Wesley Flying V bass,  well used but very little fret ware
Epiphone Viola bass guitar. Cherry burst finish, very good condition
Revelation P bass
Revelation RBJ67 Deluxe 4 string bass. Natural finish, as new
Ibanez RG420 EG limited edition brick finish
Squier Jazz Bass
Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass 4-String Electric Bass Guitar
Bass Collection Custom Jazz/P-bass.
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