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Resonator & Slide Guitars

Guitars > Resonator & Slide Guitars
Resonator guitars all have a metal resonator cone or cones supporting the bridge which give the distinctive sound. The original tricone has three cones; the biscuit cone type, concave from the front has the saddle held in a wooden "biscuit"; the spider cone type has a cone convex from the front and a spider bridge straddling more
Ashbury AR-39 Classic Electro Resonator Electro acoustic. Classic sized body with F sound holes.
Ashbury AR-46 Resonator Guitar, Single Cone Brass bodied, chrome plated, single biscuit cone
Ashbury AR-49 TriCone Guitar, Brass Body Brass bodied, matt finish, Tricone
Ashbury AR-52 Parlour Resonator with Pick-up Concert size body with cutaway. Brass bodied chrome plated
Mahalo Lap Steel Guitar, Surfboard Unique surfboard shaped body
National Resorocket Guitar Wooden body with cutaway
Sample Duolio Guitar
Cigar box guitar
National M2 Mahogany Guitar The M-2's body is composed of laminate mahogany top and back
Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Deluxe electro acoustic Resonator Guitar, nice condition with onboard Fishman Nashville
Regal metal resonator guitar
National Chicken Foot 1934 Resonator Guitar
National Resophonic Polychrome Resonator Guitar With After Market Pickup, Includes Case
Gibson BR9 Lap Steel Guitar, made in USA 1950's, in nice condition complete with case
Aristone lap steel Guitar & hard case.  German made by Framus.
3 String Cigar Box Guitar fretless with volume control, made in Birmingham
Pre 1962 Hofner Hawaiian Artist Model Slide Guitar, good condition with case
Ronnie Bennett 6 String Lap Steel Guitar, handmade in Liverpool
Ashbury Resonator guitar, woden body, spider cone
Resonator Guitar Single Cone
National M1 Tricone Resonator - as new!
Amistar 'Basic-3' Single-cone resonator guitar