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Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Wind Instruments > Brass Instruments
Our range of Valentino brass is designed to offer good quality, very playable student instruments at affordable prices. For those looking to move up, we have Jupiter and Yamaha as well as a good range of secondhand instruments particularly in our Birmingham shop. Call Birmingham on 0121 772 7780 for expert advice.
Valentino Student Trumpet Great quality and highly popular starter instrument
Jupiter JTR408L Trumpet outfit Brass lacquered finish
Yamaha YTR-2330 Bb Trumpet, brass Bb, yellow brass with gold lacquer finish
Yamaha YCR-2330III Bb Cornet Medium-weight Bb Cornet, Yellow-brass bell
Yamaha YSL-446G Trombone Outfit outfit with case
Student Alto Sax
Stentor Taxi Horn
Stentor Short Taxi Horn
Yamaha Trumpet
Yamaha YTR 2330 Trumpet in lovely condition with gig bag
Jupiter Cornet JCR 520M good condition with case.
Rosetti series 5 cornet full outfit
Yamaha YTR 2330 Trumpet In Excellent Condition, With Mouthpiece and Gig Bag, RRP £400
Jupiter 308 Trumpet, Great Condition
Yamaha YCR8335 Xeno Cornet In Excellent Condition, Just Serviced, RRP £2229
Yamaha YTR1335 Trumpet
Bach TR-305 trumpet with case plays well
Boosey and Hawkes Emperor Eb/Bb Trombone
Stagg 77TT Trombone & hard case
Besson 600 Trombone.  Good condition with case, stand & mute selection.
Sebastian Buckley Valve Trombone - R.R.P £399
Elkhart Bb Tenor Trombone.  With case and mute.
Besson 600 BE 602-10632 French Horn complete with case
Salvation Army 'The Triumphonic' Tenor Horn, with case
Yamaha YAH-201S Eb Alto Horn, Modern Equivalent RRP £1400
Boosey and Hawkes La Fleur Tenor Horn With Case and Mouthpiece
Boosey and Hawkes La Fleur Tuba
Boosey and Hawkes La Fleur Tenor Horn
Jupiter JAL456 Tenor Horn with case - RRP £689
Triumphonic Tenor Horn, recently serviced, nice mouthpiece, w/ case
Jupiter 7C trumpet mouthpiece
Jupiter 500 series alto sax and hard case
Chrome Trevor James with Brass keywork (Straight soprano sax)
Denis Wick MM2C Trumpet Mouthpiece
Dennis Wick cornet mouthpiece
Jupiter Silver cornet including case Good condition.
Conn 20B Trumpet Outfit with hiscox case.
Yamaha Cornet YCR 2330 With Case
Odysey pocket trumpet, with case and accesories
Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone, with case
John Packer 133LR Bb/F Tenor Tombone
B&H student Trombone & hard case
Blessing Scholastic USA Trombone & Case
P Bone - Orange Great Beginner Trombone Plastic with Mouthpiece and case
Dynasty Marching Horn.  Good Condition with Carry Case.
Dynasty Marching Horn.  Good Conditon with Case.
Dynasty Marching Horn.  Good Conditon with Case.
Dynasty Marching Horn.  Good Condition with Case.
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