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Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Orchestral Woodwind

Wind Instruments > Orchestral Woodwind
Our range of Valentino woodwind is designed to offer good quality, very playable student instruments at affordable prices. For those looking to move up, we have Jupiter and Yamaha as well as a good range of secondhand instruments particularly in our Birmingham shop. Call Birmingham on 0121 772 7780 for expert advice.
Valentino Silverplated Student Flute Silver plated with split E mechanism. Basic but good quality starter model
Valentino Student Alto Saxophone Great quality and highly popular starter instrument
Valentino Student Bb Clarinet, ABS ABS bodied instrument with black wood-grain effect finish
Trevor James 10X Flute Outfit Silver plated headjoint, sliver plated body tube and inchY arm mechanism
Trevor James Privilege Flute Outfit Silver plated headjoint and body tube. Pointed Key Arms
Azumi Silver Plated AZ-Z1E Flute Solid lip and riser, silver plated body, pointed key arms
Jupiter JFL700EC Flute outfit Split E model
Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo A best-selling piccolo by Yamaha, ABS resin body, conical bore
Yamaha YFL-212 Flute, Silver Plated Silver plated nickel body with split E mechanism
Yamaha YFL-312 Flute, solid silver head Nickel silver body and footjoint
Trevor James 57C5 Clarinet Outfit
Yamaha YCL-255S Bb Clarinet Bb Clarinet, matte ABS resin body, silver plated nickel silver keys
Yanagisawa Brass AWO1 Alto Saxophone
Yanagisawa Brass AWO2 Alto Saxophone
Yanagisawa Brass TWO1 Tenor Saxophone
Trevor James Alphasax Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer The unique sax designed for younger and smaller players
Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone, Black Finish Black frosted keys
Trevor James 3631 Artemis Curved Soprano Sax Free blowing curved sop sax. Gold lacquer finish
Jupiter JAS500Q Eb Alto Saxophone Brass lacquered finish
Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone Gold lacquer finish
Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Bb Saxophone Bb. Gold lacquer finish. High F# and Front F auxiliary keys
Nuvo Student Flute in black
Jupiter JCL-700 Clarinet outfit with case
Nuvo Clarineo Black Clarineo Outfit in Black with Silver Trim
Trevor James Classic II Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer
Trevor James 374SE-KK SR Evo Alto Sax Outfit Gold Lacquer. Top quality Italian leather pads
Jupiter JAS-500Q Alto Saxophone Brass lacquered finish
Azumi Silver Plated AZ-Z2E Flute Solid head, silver plated body, pointed key arms
Yamaha YCL-450 MKIII Bb Clarinet Bb Clarinet, grenadilla body, silver plated keys and ligature
Yanagisawa Brass AWO10 Alto Saxophone
mirage clarinet outfit, with case, and selmer mouth piece. Two barrels, VGC
intermusic clarinet outfit
Beuscher Aristocrat Flute, with case
Boosey & Hawkes Regent curved head flute. Silver plated.
Hernals S-100 Nickel plated flute, made in Japan complete with case
Yamaha 211 flute.  Nickel plated. Good condition.
J. Michael flute
Sapphire Flute, silver plated with case, very sweet sound
Jupiter flute JFL-511E Mk. 2 made in Taiwan with case
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