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Wind Instruments > Bagpipes
Bagpipes are found in the folk traditions of many parts of the world, and their origins are quite old. We stock the most popular traditional British Isles styles, Northumbrian. Uilleann, and Great Highland. Also practice chanters and reeds.
Kilberry plastic Highland bagpipes set, angled blow pipe, zipped bag, moisture control, Shepherd drone reeds
Bagpipes Glore Highland Bagpipe Delrin Synthetic, very good starter set
African blackwood highland bagpipes by MacCleod bagpipes 2001. Goretex bag (s)
Practice chanter, Macleod Highland Supplies
EMS Small Pipes in D, made from kit.
Mouth blown Polypenco Smallpipes in Key of A made in Scotland. maroon bag.
Garvey Donfion Scottish Smallpipes, as new.
Old set of RG Hardie Bagpipes & box
Victorian highland bagpipe set
Set of Peter Henderson African Blackwood pipes
Glenluce Uillean Practice Set. Pakistan Made, with case