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Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Wind Instruments > Simple System Flutes
Side blown flutes are traditional all round the world, though the first were in Asia. The Concert Flute, used for Irish traditional music, was the standard orchestral instrument until the introduction of the Boehm system. The D Flute has 6 open holes, and up to 8 keys which are often not used, as the notes can be found by cross more
Glenluce Rosewood Irish D Student Flute Student quality Irish D flute
Glenluce Blackwood Irish D Flute, 5 key Blackwood body with ebonite head joint, brass slide
M Clark Bamboo Low Bb Flute Authentically made flute, roughly tuned to Bb major
New 3D printed Boehm Bansuri Flute grey in key C (G Irish)
Boxwood flute, by Milligan London, one key (missing). four cracks, made C1830s
Blockmounted blackwood D Flute 4 joints. Slide head, c1850, head & barrel cracks
JTL 5 Key wooden flute in D, slide head, pin mounted nickel keys.
Wylde slide head D flute made in London C 1860, barrel and head not name stamped, repaired cracks
Siccama system wooden flute. W D Cubitt Son & Co stamped on all joints, No 661
Sweetheart G Flute With Bag In Excellent Condition, Reduced from £219 for Quick Sale
Williams of London D flute, Boxwood/Ivory, silver key c. 1800, good condition
London Improved Piccolo
Ormiston D flute. Unkeyed
Rosewood Low D Irish flute with hardcase
Wooden flute, 6 hole system with case
Dixon one-piece plastic low D Flute
Wylde 8 key slide head D flute London C 1860, wide holes, salt spoon keys, 2 repaired cracks. original case
London Improved wooden D Flute slide heasd, wide holes, repaired cracks c 1860
Valentino flute as new w/case
Sweet Maple D Flute, as new
Native American Flute in C at. . 444 tuning mahogany
Native American Flute in E at. . about 444 tuning. Made from alder
Rudall, Rose & Carte 8-keyed rosewood flute. Sharp pitch not A440.
Improved London 5 key Bb Fife block mounted
MIller irish piccolo black, nice tone