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Our Acoustic Guitar section includes all the steel strung, acoustic guitars with and without pickup. Flat top 6 strings, Arch top 6 strings, Gypsy Jazz guitars and 12 strings. The steel string acoustic is suitable for most types of music except Classical and Flamenco. It has a slimmer neck than a Classical guitar and generally has lower action too. There are usually 14 frets from the nut to the body, and a cutaway body gives access to the higher frets beyond that.


Arch-Top Acoustic Guitars | Gypsy Jazz Guitar | Twelve String Guitars

Arch-Top Acoustic Guitars

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Introduction: Arch-top guitars first came in in the early 20th century. They often have a fat body, f-shaped sound holes and an adjustable bridge. They have always been popular for jazz and are often known as Jazz guitars.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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Definition: Acoustic Guitar of the type designed in the 1930s by Mario Maccaferri.
Introduction: Made famous by Django Reinhardt, the Gypsy Jazz guitar is making a big comeback. Often referred to as Macaferri guitars, there are two styles: the big mouth with the D shape soundhole is commonly used for rhythm, while the lead is played on the guitar with the small oval soundhole.
The Gypsy Jazz guitar began in the 1930s when classical guitarist Mario Maccaferri designed his patented D hole guitar which was made by Selmer.
Read the full Gypsy Jazz Guitar FAQ Page.

Twelve String Guitars

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Introduction: Twelve string guitars give a big booming sound, famous players include big Bill Broonzy. After a few quiet years this kind of guitar is becoming more popular again.