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Tuned Percussion Information and FAQs


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Definition: Bamboo bells native to Indonesia. Each Angklung consists of two or three bamboo tubes of differing lengths tuned in octaves.


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Definition: West African xylophone: set of three: bass, mid range and high one for soloing.

Bamboo Xylophone

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Definition: pair of large bamboo xylophones erected on ladders, beaten with rubber flipflops (sandals) or thongs.


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Definition: Bell.

Cheng (2)

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Definition: Chinese gong.


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Definition: Romanian instrument essentially same as the jew's harp, or mouth harp.

Gilo Stones

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Definition: (Solomon Islands, Pacific) music is created by striking certain stones with bamboo sticks of varying lengths, prodrucing mellifluous xylpophonic sounds, like running water.


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Definition: A set of tuned metal bars on a wooden frame, similar to the wooden xylophone, and in turn probably related to the West African Balophon.

Jew'S Harp

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Definition: hand-sized instrument placed in front of the mouth; sound produced by blowing across, and simultaneously twanging, a flexible 'tongue' set into a frame; many types. Also known more recently as Jaws Harp.


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Definition: (Beqa, the Pacific) two large slit log drums.


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Definition: A modern commercially manufactured, fully resonated orchestral xylophone.


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Definition: played with the thumbs; "thumb piano"; its sound is produced by the vibration of tongues of metal or wood; small in size. Known as Mbira in Zimbabwe, Budongo in Uganda and Sansa and in South Africa. It is also known as Kalimba.
Introduction: The Mbira, Kalimba, Sansa, Budongo or thumb piano is played across all of Southern Africa. The instrument is made of a wooden plate or sometimes a wooden box (with or without sound hole). A number of metal tongues, usually between 5 and 24 are attached. These are tuned by adjusting the sounding length of the tongue and can be fine-tuned with a metal file if needed.
Read the full Mbira FAQ Page.


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Definition: percussion instrument consisting of a row of tuned metal bars.


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Definition: (Cook Islands, the Pacific) slit log drums.

Ranat Ek

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Definition: Thai xylophone, the leader of a classical music ensemble

Singing Bowl

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Definition: Tuned metal bowls from the Himalayan region.
Introduction: Made from an alloy of seven different metals. Usually used for ritual purposes, sound healing, and meditation. The sound is produced by rubbing a leather covered stick slowly around the rim of the bowl (which must be supported only by the base). Bowls are found as far as Korea and Japan also.
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Steel Drums

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Definition: Steel Drums or Steel Pans are popular in the Southern Carribean, particularly Trinidad & Tobago. Traditionally made from cut-off oil drums beaten into separate tuned areas, the band consists of Tenor (lead), second, mid-range and bass pans.


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Definition: Tahitian slit log drum; hollowed out trunk of tou wood, struck eith a wooden beater; the larger the instrument, the deeper the sound.


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Definition: of the bar percussion family; metal; similar in appearance to the xylophone.


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Definition: Percussion instrument consisting of a series of graduated wooden bars that are struck with mallets to produce sound. Xylophones originated in South East Asia, and later became very prominent in African music.