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New folk night in Brighton

September 2017
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New folk night in Brighton

This is a story from the News Archive (September 2017) - The information in this article may no longer be current or accurate

Headlined by our own Jack Pout!

Folkroom in London is a free fortnightly gig just around the corner from King's Cross station, booking a variety of folk acts from signed artists to musicians playing their first ever gig. very finest acts!

The Folkroom gang are headed up by curator and compere Stephen Thomas and multi-award-winning musician Ben Walker.

Today (28/9/17), Folkroom is heading beyond the M25, starting their first regular night in Brighton at the beautiful Village pub in Hanover, "Folkroom by Sea", which, like its London counterpart, will be free!

The first Hanover night will feature the Brighton branch of Hobgoblin Music's own Jack Pout: "the perfect man to headline our first Folkroom by Sea - a terrific musician singing homegrown and rediscovered folk and blues, Jack is a sheer joy to watch. Simultaneously light and dark, and a real folk force of nature, we think he deserves to be seen by more people. And that, friends, is exactly what Folkroom is about."

With support from Kirsti Meiers "A sort of alt-folk-pop curio delivering herself from Malmo in Sweden especially for our enjoyment, Kirsti Meiers makes the sort of music that absolutely defines easy categorisation. We are baffled, and we are moved, and we are thrilled to host her across our gigs in London and Brighton this September."

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