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Editor: Pete McClelland    Contributors: Nicola Rain, Dave Benton, Sarah Mallinson

Hobgoblin Music 40th Anniversary CD released

February 2017
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Hobgoblin Music 40th Anniversary CD released
Celebrating 40 years of selling hard-to-find folk instruments!

Founded in the autumn of 1976, Hobgoblin Music has turned 40!

Hobgoblin Music has been trading in the UK for 40 years across many locations, in our shops and on our travelling festival stall. Millions of musicians have passed through our doors, and we've been lucky enough to employ a great many of the most talented of them.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have compiled an album of music by past and present staff, as a followup to our 25th anniversary CD 15 years ago.

Read all about Hobgoblin Music's history, from its humble market-stall beginnings to becoming Britain's first choice for folk!.

Watch Hobgoblin's "40 Years in Catalogue Covers"

The 40th anniversary CD (available here) features music by the following current and past staff.

Founders of Hobgoblin, Pete and Mannie are still involved, but are now spending more time making music. Pete & Mannie worked in the barn and shop in Crawley, the market stall, the festivals, and Pete currently works in the Worthing headquarters. Blackthorn features Pete on Bouzouki & vocals, Mannie on concertina, Sarah Mooney on flute & guitar & Alex Percy (Festivals) on Guitar.

MARK McCABE (Birmingham)
Mark’s fine accordion work can be heard on two tracks from The Teds. He’s our Birmingham manager.

Green Grows the Laurel was recorded for this album specially by the Leeds shop staff.

Cris has contributed Ja Vstretil Vas by Malarchy and Up Down, Ka Kachar by RSVP

MARK WHITE (Crawley)
Mark was one of the earliest employees of Hobgoblin, he worked with us from 1978 to 1991.

Jacqy worked with us in London in the 90’s and 00’s, she’s given us two great flute tracks

NICOLA RAIN (Worthing, Crawley & Festivals) & SARAH MOONEY (Bristol & Festivals)
Letters From The Sea was written by Nicola and Sarah especially for this album.

Georgia is a new arrival on the festival circuit both as an artist and with the Hobgoblin festival stall.

KEN THOMPSON (Manchester)
Ken managed the Hobgoblin Manchester from 99 to recently and is a member of the Paddywhacks

Doe released two albums with Hobgoblin Records and from the first we’ve included his composition the Raging Seas.

Neil recently joined our staff in Brighton and here we have his track Haggard Rider.

MIKE ROSS (Brighton)
Hobgoblin Brighton manager Mike Ross joined us in 2014 - we’ve got his blues number Fixin’ to Die

Ollie King has been a member of our Leeds team for the last few years and gave us one of his own compositions, Polperro Bay, from his first album

JOHN RAIN (Worthing)
John works with us in our Worthing head office team, and is a member of Montana Rain band along with Nicola Rain and Pete McClelland, this is the band’s signature song.

ALEX PERCY (Festivals)
Alex Percy worked for the Hobgoblin festival team over a number of years from the 00’s till recently. He’s a member of The Long Notes and the Blackthorn Band among other projects.

PIP IVES (Canterbury)
Pip is a stalwart of the Hobgoblin Canterbury Shop, here he plays several instruments along with Bill Howarth’s dulcimer on two well known trad tunes, Tip Top and Redwing.

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