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Editor: Pete McClelland    Contributors: Nicola Rain, Dave Benton, Sarah Mallinson

MI PRO Love Hobgoblin

November 2014
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MI PRO Love Hobgoblin
Our London shop is a hit with secret shoppers!

Occasionally MI PRO will conduct a "secret shopper" exercise on a particular town to review and rate the music shops in terms of service and support.

They recently conducted this top secret exercise in London and they loved our shop:

The Tottenham Court Road branch of Hobgoblin boasts every bit as much character and charm as I’ve come to expect from the folk and traditional instrument specialist. Situated little more than a stone’s throw away from Westend DJ, Hobgoblin is diametrically opposed to its high tech neighbour in more ways than its mere product offering.

The moment I entered the store, I was met warmly by the shopkeeper, who provided me with some excellent advice on what to look for in an entry-level mandolin. Not only did he go to great lengths to understand the style of music I would be using it for, he also discussed with me the differences in tonewoods and what price range I would need to consider buying into in order to get the best value for money.

I was then offered a seat and, as with Duke of Uke, encouraged to try out as many different models as possible to find the instrument that was right for me. Before I left the store, I was also given a card and told to call the store should I have any further questions.

Rating: 4/5
An excellent in-store experience. Thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in purchasing a folk instrument.


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