A Personal Statement by Dr Borinson

    A question has been raised by the reader, sorry, a reader, regarding the lack of criticism of Hobgoblin Music itself in Dr Borinson's contributions to these pages.

    There are two answers to this question:
    First: It would, of course, be tantamount to biting the hand that quite literally feeds me.
    Second: There is the small matter of the resume provided to Mr McClelland prior to my appointment to the post of editor of the part of the website. Due to one of the computing errors for which the Doctor is justly famous the unexpurgated version of the file was sent and has been retained by Mr McClelland ever since. Dr Borinson would like to express his profound thanks for the discretion with which this file has been treated and assure Mr McClelland that this appreciation will be expressed in the usual plain brown envelope stuffed with money and placed behind the second cistern on the left in the public lavatories in Northgate Parade as usual as soon as the pay check clears.

    Those of you who wish to find out the sad truths should send a stamped addressed envelope stuffed with even more money to the Doctor's home address. Or if you try very hard you may be able to find a copy of Hobknobbin, the predecessor to Hobnobbin, the Hobgoblin newsletter where details of the most scurrilous scandals that lie within Hobgoblin were published.
    didn't get it all first time?