The Buena Villa Coffee Club

    Dr Borinson is Proud to Present his new musical accomplishment

    For many years Dr. Borinson has wanted to bring to you the best in world music and now, after years of searching and almost one whole hour of rehearsals he is ready to bring to the world all the talents of many of the greatest names in music from five, well actually only four, continents,

    Miss Constanza Li Costa Lotta

    Possibly the greatest voice known to the small island of St Esmarelda which lies between the island of Cuba and the Bahamas. Half Russian and half American Constanza is steeped in the music of her native land, a music of blood, sweat and the passion of imported silk stockings.

    Miss Diva Indawata

    Diva is a diva of the first order (double G and T, please) with a voice that brings to mind the perfume of bacon and eggs, the taste of natural youghourt and the sound of HMSS Titanic. It is a tribute and an honour to the Coffee Club to have her

    Ravi Oli

    Stunning musicianship from the Laccadive Islands in the Indian ocean where cheap guitars, imported from as far back as the nineteen sixties due to a shipping accident, have formed the basis of a traditional style of music, banned by the authorities and religious organisations alike and known as Baad music. (The local expression is: "Baad music, baad baad music." which falls into the characteristic Baad rhythm of 11/8) Ravi is the prime exponent of this technique and consequently has been forced into exile from his homeland.

    Adagoat Bangdabongo

    On one of the longest walkabouts ever recorded in Aborigine history Adagoat has learned the most difficult skills of his natives people's singing. These skills, including both throat singing and nose singing have been supplemented by a method never heard outside the bush before that of ear singing. A most welcome addition to our coffee club Adagoat is the ear, nose and throat specialist supreme.

    Wort Llittzer

    From the northern slopes of the Great Glockner mountains of Switzerland Wort is a descendant of the small welsh community that settled there after the First World War. It was his fascination to learn the skills of the accordion and melodica as demonstrated by the Swiss cow girls and their peculiar reedy sounds. He brings the results of his explorations (four illegitimate daughters and a grubby notebook)with great joy to the Coffee Club.

    Harry Smedley

    From his native England Harry has for many years been a scholar of the forms of song and instrumentation of Rutland a small county in the heart of England. A great Rutter, Harry is always at hand to give people a guiding hand through the emotional turmoil of life which he expresses truely, madly and deeply.

    David Einstein

    The cornerstone of the Buena Villa Coffee Club, David Einstein, great, great, great nephew thrice removed (twice by the police and once by a rather curious Queen's pawn to Kings Rook 5 move) of Arthur Einstein the famous scientist, is a guitarist extraordinary. learning his skills from the Russian master Getcha Roksoff, he attempted hammer ons and slaps like no one else until they got him deported in 1996 when he finally came to England to join the club.
    Minutes of Coffee Club Meeting
    Applications for membership to The Buena Villa Coffee Club should be addressed to Dr Borinson c/o Hobgoblin Music, 24 Rathbone Place, London W1P 1DG enclosing a full, intimate CV and list of all previous convictions.
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