JANUARY: Eliza Carthy's first acoustic album in ten years is released. Highlight tracks include "Scarborough Fair" and "The Fair Serving of Flowering Men".

FEBRUARY: "Show Of Hands" release a remix of their single "All You Need Is Fame" which topped the charts for a record breaking 48 weeks 6 years ago. It coincides with the start of their world tour "Stadiums And Strings".

MARCH: The English Folk Song and Dance Society, sorry .... The English Folk Dance And Song Society return to the rebuilt Cecil Sharp House near Princess Diana's Park after the bomb attack by Yorkshire Seperatists last year. The Dave Mallison Memorial Library is to be installed later in the year.

APRIL: Riot's in Padstow erupt after a parade to protest the rescheduling of Spring Bank Bank Holiday to 17th October degenerates into a violent brawl between military police and police.

MAY: English Folk Song is declared subversive by the Liberal Conservative Democratic Socialist European government led by Pete Morton. Legislation is introduced to ban it from public places. "What difference will that make?" says Maddy Prior cheif executive of EFDSS.

JUNE: The first Fairport Convention reunion is held at Cropredy following the third retirement of the band. Attendance exceeds that of Woodstock in 1969. Simon Nicol is featured in an "X Files" special on televsion alleging that his youthful looks cannot possibly be the result of natural causes.

JULY: Chris Wood and Andy Cutting are voted best new act for the 17th year running in a Folk Roots readers poll.

AUGUST: Sidmouth International Festival reintroduces the word "folk" into the title after legal action under the trades description act banned it in 2002. A spokesman for Cambridge Folk Festival comments "I don't understand how they didn't get away with it. We did."

SEPTEMBER: Devon County Council start legal proceedings against Mrs Caseys Music in an attempt to get Devon back after last months Sidmouth International Folk Festival.

OCTOBER: Steeleye Span split. They announce plans for a reunion at Cropredy in the new year.

NOVEMBER: Richard Thompson releases his 100th album "I Want To Rock The Blue Nights Tonight". He is featured on an "X Files" special investigating the mysterious appearance of his albums in the Folk sections of record shops worldwide.

DECEMBER: "The Poozies Play Oasis" is released. It reaches number one in the charts on pre release sales.