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Our 40th Anniversary full colour printed Catalogue is now available! We offer you a unique range of unusual and exciting acoustic and folk instruments from all over the world at great prices. Every item has been chosen to give the best quality at each price level. So give us a call, buy here online, or visit one of our music shops, our staff are friendly and well informed. You pay the same price whether you buy online or in our shops. We do trade-ins, part exchange, appraisals and buy instruments for cash.

  • To give beginners a chance to take up a folk instrument, as well as to provide the best for those who already play.
  • To encourage people to discover and enjoy their own musical heritage & all types of folk music now played in these islands.
  • To help keep music live, by making real acoustic instruments widely available at affordable prices, and sponsoring live events.
  • To encourage people to make music themselves, by taking up a musical instrument. You are never too young or too old to start!
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Hobgoblin Music was founded in 1976 by Mannie and Pete McClelland while searching for a concertina for her to play. Many other interesting instruments came to light and the search grew into a business as they discovered they were not the only ones who wanted to buy folk instruments, but couldn’t find any. read more...
New folk night in Brighton
Headlined by our own Jack Pout!
Folkroom in London is a free fortnightly gig just around the corner from King's Cross station, booking a variety of folk acts from signed artists to musicians playing their first ever gig. very the full story

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Definition: Clay pot with 2 holes, cupped alternatively; sound produced by compression and release of the air inside it.
Introduction: The Udu is a clay pot drum popular in West Africa. The two holes are cupped alternately with the hands and the sound is produced by compression and release of the air inside it.
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