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Hobgoblin Music Shop in


36 Park Street
Avon, BS1 5JG
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Tel: 0117 929 0902

Call Us: 0117 929 0902

Open 10am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday

About Hobgoblin Music in Bristol

Hobgoblin Bristol is now one of the company's biggest shops, having moved to great new larger premises a few hundred yards up the road in 2010. The same Aladdin's cave of instruments is there, plus much more in the way of music books and a full range of items for all types of musician at the counter - and room to move! Car parks & meters are close by, Temple Meads Station is a 20 minute walk, or short bus ride.
"We would like to thank you all for your exceptional customer service - we're deeply impressed that you took the time to phone us and say it was on it's way"
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The full Hobgoblin Music range of musical instruments is available through Hobgoblin in Bristol. If there is a particular item you would like to have a look at, please call ahead to make sure it is in stock.In addition, there are many instruments unique to each shop. We're not just a guitar shop - each branch has a great range of specialist instruments too.

An Aladdin's Cave

Our shops are often described as an Aladdin's Cave of musical instruments. You will find a huge range of acoustic, folk, celtic and world musical instruments to try out and compare. Our staff are friendly and knowledgable, and will be happy to give you pressure-free advice.

Meet the Staff in Bristol

Dan, Cris, Liam
Bristol Manager:
Tim Hearn(Expertise: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo and other things with strings, Amps and band gear)
Sales Staff:
Liam Kirby(Expertise: Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Hawaiian Guitar, Fiddle, Brass Instruments)
Cris Pierssené(Expertise: Mandolin family, Oud, Guitar, Baglama, Gypsy Jazz Guitars, Whistles, Accordion, Concertina and Melodeon repairs)
Daniel Weltman(Expertise: Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar)
Caio Wheelhouse(Expertise: Double Bass, Guitar, Saxophone)

Who can help you with your enquiry?

Where to Find Us

Our Address:, 36 Park Street, , Bristol, BS1 5JG
Tel: 0117 929 0902, Email:
Car parks & meters are close by, Temple Meads Station is a 20 minute walk, or short bus ride.

News and Information from Hobgoblin in Bristol

Welcoming new staff member Tim Hearn to Bristol!

We'd like to introduce you to Mr Tim Hearn, our new member of staff at Hobgoblin Music in Bristol. Tim specializes in all things guitar, 5 string banjo, drums and the full story

The Return of The String Club

Free strings!

Back at Hobgoblin Bristol - The String Club. For people who wish they had loyalty cards for something other than coffee and burritos! the full story

Bristol shop reaches out to fiddlers

More strings, more violins, more bits and pieces!

Hobgoblin Bristol have decided that the City's fiddle players deserve better, so stocks of violins, strings, mutes, bits, bobs, these and those have all been greatly increased. We now have several extra quality options for beginner-to-intermediate the full story

Just one of the services we offer...

Goatskin-Calabash thing ties us in knots

Hobgoblin Bristol love to restring stuff. Bring us your fiddles, your unloved guitars, your, er, Guinean Bolons. This delightful African Hunter's harp has appeared needing a new string fitted. Time to figure out how on earth you tie the rather the full story

Hobgoblin Bristol's Links

BATH FOLK FESTIVAL and summer school. Another great event we're proud to support.
Bath Fringe Festival We're going to be sponsoring the marvellous Bath Fringe Festival this year. Absolutely brill event.
Bristol Folk Festival We're sponsoring the new Bristol Folk Festival this year. Drop by and see what's happening!
Ash Keys Music Presents the best of Contemporary Folk Music in venues in the Bristol area.
Wiltshire Folk Arts If you are interested in Wiltshire's rural musical heritage, then this is the site for you.
Somerset and Dorset Folk site SAD Folk is a good site for info about what's on down south in Somerset (and Dorset). We like the acronym too.
Malarchy Trans-European Roots Music from the ever popular quintet.

Interest Free Credit for 18 - 25 year olds, Typical 0% Finance

As part of the Arts Council's Take it Away scheme, Hobgoblin in Bristol is able to offer interest free credit to 18 - 25 year olds! Click here to see how you can buy instruments with ten months 0% finance.

We buy Concertinas!
All Hobgoblin shops have a big range of secondhand and handmade instruments. We do buy certain instruments outright, especially concertinas. Additionally we take trade-ins and can sell on a commission basis for you. If you have an instrument to sell, give us a call or pop into the shop!

Magazines stocked in Bristol: Folk Roots, Taplas, (Traditional) Music Maker, The Living Tradition, Songlines