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Atlas 17 note Mbira, Rosewood

Thumb piano with Large soundbox with two wah holes go to the full product description

Item ID: GR18028   Model No: AP-A320   Made in Pakistan

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Atlas 17 note Mbira, Rosewood Thumb piano with Large soundbox with two wah holes
Price: £34.95 (approx. €48.00)
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Price: £34.95 (approx. €48.00)
Best Seller - Top selling item

Full Description and Information:

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Atlas 17 note Mbira, Rosewood

Thumb piano with Large soundbox with two wah holes

Best Seller - Top selling item
    Product Features
  • Dark wood finish, vibrato holes, tuneable
  • A hugely popular thumb piano
  • Nice, resonant construction
    Product Specifications
  • Based on traditional designs found throughout Africa.
  • Weight: 0.30 kg (approx)
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Model Number: AP-A320
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Thumb Pianos Information

The Mbira, Kalimba, Sansa, Budongo or thumb piano is played across all of Southern Africa. The instrument is made of a wooden plate or sometimes a wooden box (with or without sound hole). A number of metal tongues, usually between 5 and 24 are attached. These are tuned by adjusting the sounding length of the tongue and can be fine-tuned with a metal file if needed.
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