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Hobgoblin Music offers you a unique range of unusual and exciting acoustic and folk instruments from all over the world at great prices. Every item has been chosen to give the best quality at each price level. So give us a call, buy here online, or visit one of our music shops, and we’ll do our best to help you find the instrument you want. You pay the same price whether you buy online or in our shops, we don't add charges for paying by card.

* To give beginners a chance to take up a folk instrument, as well as to provide the best for those who already play.
* To encourage people to discover and enjoy their own musical heritage & all types of folk music now played in these islands.
* To help keep music live, by making real acoustic instruments widely available at affordable prices, and sponsoring live events.
* To encourage people to make music themselves, by taking up a musical instrument. You are never too young or too old to start! Read our Aims in Full
Hobgoblin Music was founded in 1976 by Mannie and Pete McClelland while searching for a concertina for her to play. Many other interesting instruments came to light and the search grew into a business as they discovered they were not the only ones who wanted to buy folk instruments, but couldn’t find any. read more...
Hobgoblin opens in Southampton!
New Music shop for Hampshire
Hobgoblin Music opens its doors to the public in Southampton on Friday 10th July. The fun continues to the official opening day Saturday 11th when there will be music, free gifts and balloons! the full story

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Definition: Box zither; A 20th Century (probably) adaptation of the psaltery in a triangular shape allowing for bowing on alternate sides. Other psalteries are usually plucked.
Introduction: The Bowed Psaltery is a triangular instrument with tuning pins on the short end and strings running from there to posts at intervals along each side. The strings are played between the posts with a short arched bow. It is generally tuned in a chomatic 2 octave scale with black notes on the left and the white on the right as seen from the blunt end.
Read our Autoharps, Zithers & Dulcimers FAQ Page or go to the Hobgoblin Instrument Info and FAQ Menu.